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Stars Rise Well Above the Sharks in 2015 Indoor Finals

March 27, 2015

WL Finals – 7.3.15 Action Sports Stadium (ASS) By Kris Bayne DING! DING! DING! DINNNNGG! In the left corner, Chiba Sharks – annual indoor powerhouse and looking to add to their four consecutive Indoor Crowns. In the right corner, Rising Stars – many experienced as Sharks but united as Brothers of Bangladesh. These were the

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KB wl15

Sharks Overcome Senshu Then Dance With the Stars

WL – 21.2.15 Action Sports Stadium (ASS) By Kris Bayne On one side of the Pacific is the Cricket World Cup. On the another side of ‘The Pond’ is the Winter Indoor League. An ocean apart in geography and skill level, but isn’t it great to able to enjoy both? Sharks faced up against Senshu

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sharks vs wyverns

February 7, 2015

SHARKS ENJOY WYVERNS ON A STICK WL –7.2.15 Action Sports Stadium (ASS) By Kris Bayne ‘Almost live’ but definitely still kicking once again from Action Sports Stadium for Game 5. On the menu tonight are a couple of tall extra strong lemon chuuhi, some quaint norimaki, something on a stick, which would baffle even the

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