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A lack of cricket can drive a man to do the most desperate of things – like start a team and build your own hi-tech indoor cricket net on top of your factory in Chiba. This is exactly what founder, patron and first club captain, Mr. Hasib Rehman, did in 2003, thus establishing the ‘Ichihara Cricket Club’. The inaugural season saw us finish with an unspectacular record of 0-3, but as they say, “from little things, big things grow”.

Over the years the club has grown and evolved, becoming the ‘Ichihara Sharks’ in 2005, and, from season 2009, the ‘Chiba Sharks Cricket Club’. We are a diverse bunch sharing the goals, highs, and lows of playing cricket in Japan, but above all, enjoying ourselves. Alas, we no longer have our wonderful indoor net facilities in Goi, but we organize trainings instead at a superb outdoor facility, Akai Farm Cricket Nets, in Kamatori, just outside Chiba. Like our namesake, the shark, the Chiba Sharks Cricket Club only moves forward.


The Chiba Sharks Cricket Club mainly play in two competitions, the Japan Cricket League (JCL) and the T20 Japan Cup (JCup). In previous seasons we have also played in the Kanto Cricket League (KCL) but our busy schedule has not permitted this recently. Our season runs roughly between early April and the end of August, with finals through the following month. The Japan Cricket League has two divisions with about 5 – 7 teams in each, and our 1st XI play in Division 1 while our 2nd XI play in Division 2. For the Japan Cup, teams are split into two groups of about 4 with the top teams facing off for the finals. Most matches are played at Sano River Grounds  and Sano International Cricket Ground (Tochigi) and Sammu Cricket Ground (Chiba). We also play a match or two at the distant but iconic Fuji Cricket Ground (Shizuoka) and Yokohama Country and Athletic Club.

So, how do I join?

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below to see if the Club is right for you. If you think it is then the next step is to contact us at chibasharksinfo@gmail.com, following which we can arrange for you to attend a club activity (training or match).

Frequently Asked Questions: >>>>

      1. What kind of club is it? The Chiba Sharks Cricket Club is a purely amateur club. All of the organization of the team is done on a voluntary basis. No one is paid and we cannot help with visas. We are highly organized though, to conform with the standards set by the Japan Cricket Association

      2. Who can join? Basically, anyone who is a Japanese national or has a valid visa to stay in Japan. We welcome players of all abilities, nationalities and creeds. Check our Players page for more details. Most players speak English, Japanese or both. We help first timers learn how to play but also offer a challenging environment for more capable, experienced players. At the end of the season, our top players are recognized at the Awards Ceremony. See PDF below for details: >> Chiba Sharks Awards Criteria

      3. How old do you have to be? Generally we prefer players to be at least 16 before they play full outdoor games. There’s no upper age limit (although one or two players are pushing it!). For younger players (4-16) there are numerous options to encourage and nurture the game following a defined path of development. Contact us for details of local youth teams.

      4. How much does it cost? For first year players, a year’s full adult membership costs just¥5,000. Thereafter, full membership is ¥10,000 per year. However, the Club has diversified membership options for youth and occasional players. For full fees and conditions please see the PDF file below: >> Membership Regulations

      5. How is the Club actually run? The club is run by the players through an elected Management Committee and group of Club Officers. All of the organization of the team is done on a voluntary basis. The club expects its members to abide by certain codes of conduct while representing the Chiba Sharks. These codes and other matters such as officers’ responsibilities can be found in the PDF file below: >> Club Constitution

      6. How are the teams selected? We have an elected Board of Selectors who pick the 1st XI and 2nd XI sides. Decisions are based on the ability of the players available and making sure that everyone gets a decent chance to play at a level that is right for them. More details can be found in this PDF: >> Sharks Selection Policy

      7. Do you have training sessions? We organize practices on Saturday or Sunday afternoons at an excellently equipped outdoor facility called “Akai Farm” near Kamatori in Chiba. Each session is normally 3 hours and there is no charge for Sharks players. Akai Farm Practice dates are announced on the Team App site and email. For training sessions, you should  wear sports kit and indoor trainers. Details in the PDF below: >> What to wear for Training

      8. What kit do I need? We have a high quality coloured team kit that each member is expected to buy for the subsidized price of  ¥2000. Shirts are available in short sleeve or long sleeve (or both). Your club cap is included in your membership.

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         Please Email us at chibasharksinfo@gmail.com for more info on how to join or for any other queries

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