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Sharks 2nd XI vs Tigers CC

April 27, 2015

JCL2: Chiba Sharks vs Indian Tigers CC Fuji 1, 26 April 2015. By Kris Bayne That we got to play Indian Tigers, the latest addition to the JCA cricketing fraternity, was a major effort of enthusiasm, dedication and perhaps cajoling. And maybe something else. Ten Sharks made the trip to sunny Fuji. Though we did

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April 17, 2015

JCL2: Sano 2nd XI vs Sharks 2nd XI at Tanuma 12 Apr 2015. By Anton Lloyd-Williams There was something of a tired air hanging over Tanuma this hazy Sunday morning. The last of the cherry blossom dangled wistfully from the branches, the decaying petals fluttering down the deserted road in front of the school, landing in the sullen puddles. Very quiet

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