Typhoon assists in Sharks collapse

Typhoon assists in sharks Collapse

By Kavin Jinasena

Dr Wheatgrass Highlights of the match: Kav breaking the 89 run partership.

Previous weather reports suggested an incoming typhoon on the day of the game. Regardless, 11 hungry sharks (10 players and Marcus as our 12th man keeper) gathered at Tatebayashi looking to win the game. The team on the day might have been the most well balanced one sent out so far in the season. At 9:30 the weather was cloudy and gave signs of a more comfortable game with less heat, humidity and sun.

Neel, the seconds’ skipper, lost the toss and Sharks were sent out to bowl.


Neel and Adit were the opening bowlers for the day, both attacking the batsmen with impeccable line and length. After 5 overs of pure terror for the batsmen, Neel got through one of the batsman’s defense and sent the stumps flying. First change bowler, Max, was absolutely terrifying. The tall pace bowler got a lot of bounce, pushing the batsmen to his back foot and beating him with pace. He lost his rhythm for a little and went unrewarded. As he has been doing for a few years, KB, the second change bowler, bowled tight with his flight and variation. He slowed down the run rate and also bowled out their number three.

Kavin was the next bowler, who uncharacteristically, found his lengths early on and was applying pressure with KB. We had to fight hard for the third wicket as the batsmen were forming a solid partnership. After a partnership of 83 runs, Kav finally bowls the opener who scored 68 runs, result of a quicker ball. He later gets the Adore captain out bowled. Takuma and Rubal went for runs. It has to be noted that the ball was heavy and soggy and getting a grip on was really hard. Anton was the last bowler who bowled quite well. Although he went unrewarded, he bowled quite tight with an economy of 4.67.

We managed to get them all out for 200 and thought that our batsmen could manage with intelligent and skillful bating. Before reading the next paragraph, be warned. It may have been one of the most disgraceful batting innings in Sharks history, if not the worst.


Neel and Kav opened the batting. Kav swiftly made his way back to the pavilion getting caught at mid-wicket off a top edge. Max followed a few balls later with an LBW. Neel followed a few overs later, getting bowled around his legs. Adit got out for a duck and the rest of the batting lineup completely collaped, barely adding any runs to the score.

Overall, it was a decent bowling effort by the sharks and a poor attempt to bat. Although there was a typhoon and it was raining when we were batting, we should have put up more of a fight. The past simply cannot be changed and the best things we can do is remember it, learn from it and move on. We have to make sure it doesn’t happen again.