Two’s Take a Mauling From Tigers Bowlers

Sharks 2nd XI vs Tigers 2nd XI at Sano 1
Aug 9th 2020, By Hamdan Siddique

It was a hot day at Sano 1 ground and the Sharks were hungry for a win against Tigers. Kris Bayne (KB) the captain of Chiba Sharks was looking forward to bat first on a hot day, but unfortunately KB did not get the call for the toss and Chiba Sharks lost the toss and was going to field first. The team that Chiba Sharks was going to play with was Kris Bayne (C), Ajeet Bhatt (VC), Mohsin Jan, Mairaj Qureshi, Ibrahim Takahashi, Hamdan Siddique, Erika Oda, Arthur Zhou, Vipin Sukhwal, Santosh.

The Sharks had a great start with the opening bowling with Mohsin and Arthur. Arthur was throwing some good pace and good length ball but unfortunately he was not able to get any wicket, on the other end Mohsin bowled at a very good length was able to obtain two wickets, one was caught by Arthur and the other one was breaking of the stumps. So the first 10 overs went good for the Sharks stopping the Tigers from hitting many runs.

After 10 overs the skipper decided to give bowling to Ibby Takahashi. Ibby bowled great on his first two overs, obtaining two wickets, one was breaking of the stumps and the other one was LBW. After Ibby bowled, KB came in and was able to obtain a wicket which was caught by Ibby Takahashi. After 5 wickets down the Tigers started hitting some boundaries which made Sharks have a bad time.

After 20 overs the score of the Tigers was over 150 runs and the Skipper decided to bring back some pace on the field with Mohsin Jan. Mohsin was able to obtain two wickets again, where one wicket is he obtained by bowling a slower ball and giving Hamdan Siddique the opportunity to stump out the batsman, the other wicket he obtain was by breaking of the stumps. There two wickets down after a long time and the Sharks looked a bit relieved.

By the 30th over the Sharks was able to take 9 wickets where Santosh bowled a good length ball and Mairaj took a diving catch at mid-wicket and on the other end Ajeet Bhatt breaking off stumps and obtaining his first wicket for Sharks. By the 30 overs the Tigers score was 329/9. After the 30th over Ajeet again bowled a good length ball and taking a wicket by LBW. Therefore Sharks were able to take Tigers all out. So the target for the Sharks to chase was 340.

The Sharks opened batting with Erika Oda and Mohsin Jan. The batting didn’t go that well for the Sharks, as the Tigers were bowling really well. By the 24th over the Sharks were all out at 45/8.

So the Sharks lost from Tigers with 294 runs remaining. Overall it was bad day for the Sharks, but thanks to the Tigers for playing with the Sharks, and the umpires for umpiring in a very hot weather.