Feb, 2010 – Sharks at Inihano Elementary School 千葉県・印旛村でのクリケット講習会報告

平成22年2月20日 土曜日
(English report follows) 本日、2月20日、土曜日に千葉県印旛村いにはの小学校にてクリケット講習会を実施しました。
参加者は、いにはの小学校生徒 約20名での開催となりました。201002201203262
講師は千葉シャークスのDavid Lollback 、Kris Bayne、Nick Creece、森本隆之の4名が勤め、余寒の中、ボーリングの基本動作と試合形式の練習を行ないました。休憩時間には経験豊富な外国人選手から指導を受けることが出来る良い機会のため、多数の生徒が講師に質問をし、バッティングやボーリングの技術を練習する子供たちが多数おりました。

As a result of ‘the meeting of minds’ in Chiba on the future of cricket in the prefecture, four Sharks spent a Saturday morning with a group of students and parents at Inihano Elementary School in Chiba. David, Nick, Taka and Kris joined the squad of about 20 girls and boys from the lower grades to early junior high. After some catching warm-ups Dave devised a drill to introduce the kids to one of the harder to master skills, that of an effective and legal bowling action. 201002201001262We then went around to help out and advise as best we could. Coach Igarashi then divided the squad into two groups for a game of Kanga Cricket. While one team bowled and fielded Taka, Nick and Kris put the waiting batters through some catching and fielding drills. It was encouraging to see that some of the kids already had some reasonable skills and perhaps most importantly enthusiasm. You could see some of the baseball skills in their fielding and throwing in particular. We hope the kids could pick up and remember some of the tips we gave them and that perhaps their first brush with ‘authentic cricketers’ encourages them further. In time perhaps we will see them in the Kashiwa nets.

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