Sep, 2010 – Shark Art of Alexis Coovre

By Kris Bayne

Not only a great swing bowling artiste, and writer of reports that George Lucas would be proud of, Alexis is also a great artist. In order to give all credit due him, here are some pieces seen by only a lucky few – until now …

These three pieces were the product of a rainy day in Fuji as Alexis and the team huddled under the open sided tent, attempting simulaneous to stay dry, keep all kit and kaboodle dry and, believe it or not, trying to score.


Title: Classic Shark, HB pencil on cricket scorebook (inside cover – front), July 11, 2010

Comment: Whilst actually surrounded by Sharks, this was fine effort from memory. After some debate over the actual species – White Pointer, Bronze Whaler, Bull or Mako – experts contacted at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Mass., and famed underwater photographer, Australian, Ben Cropp gave the nod to the White Pointer, or Great White Shark. Sporting circles said, however, it looked nothing like Greg Norman. Considering that Alexis hails from Tasmania, the former is more than likely the case. One can almost see a bit of Tassie abalone diver between its teeth.

shark-under-water1Title: Batsman All At Sea, HB pencil on damp cricket scorebook (inside cover – front), July 11, 2010

Comment: Inspired by the vista of sheet after freakin’ sheet of rain sweeping across the Fuji Ground as we started our innings. Critics have also noted the possible influences of famed Japanese wood-block artist, Hokusai Katsushika, in the depiction of inclement weather, the struggles of humanity and the presence of Mt. Fuji in the background. Some have even speculated it is the long-lost 37th of the set of Hokusai’s masterpiece, ‘Thirty-six Views of Fuji’. Doubters point out that the shark fin is on a perfect drivable length and it is a well-known fact that Hokusai would never have let the chance for a bit of drama go by.


Title: Paws, HB pencil on increasingly soggy cricket scorebook (inside cover – back), July 11, 2010

Comment: Paws is an excellent example of Coovre’s innate Andy Warhol-ish ability to twist iconic vignettes of Hollywood and bend them to his own fertile imagination. Indeed, his prose has been known to send readers to the Degoba System. It is also a spine-tingling case of foreshadowing. One should note the glazed, self-satisfied and seeming oblivious countenance of the Wombat…. Shark Fact File #77, Footnote (b): never under-estimate a shark!

Finally, we must dip our hats to Alexis, who, at very short notice and with no direct benefit to him other than helping out the club and his mates, produced the magnificent and startling minimalist works of art we have as our Chiba Cup posters. The Warhol comparison was no jest, mate!

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