New Scoreboard For Sammu

By Anton Lloyd-Williams, 22/02/19

The Gray Nichols scoreboard at Sammu has served a long and useful life but with the new hard surface having been laid and the pristine outfield completed, it was time for something a little bit better. The cost of importing a higher end scoreboard was completely prohibitive and did we really want another load of plastic that falls apart in a couple of years?

I had a bit of time on my hands so the Sharks decided to put some of our sponsor’s generosity to good use and create the first sponsored scoreboard in Japan. I whipped up a design and got the nod from the Management Committee.

The result of some two weeks labour, some very thick wood and some quality fittings was this behemoth;

The Green Beast of Sammu

Modeled in a classic Victorian style, I think it’s a pretty solid addition to the already excellent facilities at Sammu and should help cement this ground as the best in Japan. Let’s make sure that we treat it properly so that it can afford us all in the EKCA any years of service. And once again, a big thank you goes out to our sponsor Dr. Wheatgrass, without whom we would still be dusting off that tired old Gray Nichols thing.