Jul, 2014 – Methodical Sharks Dismantle YCAC

Japan Cup. Sharks vs YCAC
YC&AC 13 June, 2014 by Kris Bayne

On a World Cup (the one with no bat and fewer conjones) finals weekend the Sharks had more pressing business on Saturday with a T20 at the YCAC vs YCAC. A win would secure our place in Kanto South Division regional finals. We eventually put out a quite experienced team and the result was a disciplined and decisive win for the green and red. A big ‘Thank you!’ to Aditya who also flew our colours as umpire at Fuji.

Team: Dave L (capt.), Kris (v.c), Prashant, Anton, Pavethy, Sankar, Mairaj, Murad, Alwin, Sumon (wk) and Vicky.

After a string of uncharacteristic (see ICC probe) toss wins, normal service was resumed and we lost and were sent into the rubbery field by YCAC.


Exif_JPEG_PICTUREPrashant opened with the ball and two boundaries in 11 got YCAC off to a brisk start. It was mostly downhill for them from there. Sankar in his 1st over caught the big-hitting Faisal in front LBW followed by Prashant castling the other opener. YCAC then mustered a partnership of sorts against the stingy bowling of our openers followed by Dave and Pavethy.

Pave was putting it past the bat with regularity into the hands of a very sharp Sumon. Both got reward when Sumon snapped up a great stumping. Pave then bowled the next bat first ball to leave YCAC reeling and unable to score on (or off) the field. If the early wickets belonged to the bowlers, the middle wickets got the already slick fielders more involved. All of Murad, Alwin and Vicky (testing out the back) got wickets from great and diverse catches. And here they are:

Catch 1: Sankar off Murad

YCAC ground has seven sides. Sankar was stationed at the deepest cowish cornerish part. A huge Gulzar hoick just went up and up as Sankar sighted and settled. So high was it that we had time to grab a metaphorical deck chair, sit down and watch. Down, down it came but into his hands it went and there stayed. We were soon out of the chairs celebrating. A great clutch catch!

Catch 2: Pave off Vicky

This one was travelling and the antithesis of Sankar’s. Pave at probably forward square/mid-on only had time to react as the ball was belted shin high more or less straight at him. It was two bites at it but a great reflex catch, the other option a difficult and painful walk home.

Exif_JPEG_PICTURECatch 3: Anton off Vicky

If the Greeks had invented cricket there would be a phobia for ‘fear of cricket balls hit in the air’ (Aerialleathophobia). Anton would be the first to admit he has had his doses, but among the Sharks Aerialleathophobia is catching (or not catching…). No such phobia today! Stationed at point (and at gully I had the best view) Anton waited for a Vicky induced edge that flew hard and knee-high. Shifting knees for balance (i.e. his arse went south), hands ready and forward just enough, cushioned to perfection. It was taken clean as a whistle, minimum fuss, somewhere along the continuum of quaint to clinical. Anton liked it. So did we!

Catch 4: Murad off Alwin

While this catch at mid-off on the circle was probably the easiest (none are – see Greeks above) it was an example to us all. Our biggest enemy is time, as in time to think about the catch. It should be simple – see ball, follow ball, position and steady, catch ball. This ball went up and down with some ‘hang time’ but Murad calmly got where he needed to be, hands ready and with a soft touch watched the ball into his hands. He might as well been catching a beach ball. He made it look so easy.
Vicky seemed to be enjoying his first bowl for a while and clearly grew more confident, so much so that he cleaned up the remaining YCAC tail without the help of any fielders, clean bowling the last two.

There were a couple of flurries of runs but it was an excellent all-round fielding display. Alwin was very unlucky not to get a direct hit run out. No catches down but also good enthusiasm, backing up and general fielding. YCAC all out 112 in 18 overs.

Bowler Overs Maidens wd/nb Runs Wickets
Prashant 2   1 18 1
Sankar 3   2/1 13 1
Dave 2     6 0
Pavethy 4 1 2 12 2
Mairaj 1     12 0
Murad 2     11 1
Varun 3   2 17 4
Alwin 1   2 7 1



Exif_JPEG_PICTUREOur target was 113, which is sometimes a tricky target on a Flicx pitch. Dave opened with Murad. They both looked settled and Murad was unlucky when a low, hard driven return catch was held on to. This brought together our two in-form batsmen, Dave and Prashant, and this determined the outcome of the game. Dave will always start cautiously. With Prashant you never know. Dave popped around a string of singles. Prashant had six dots then slammed a 6. Contrasting styles. Then Dave took three 4s (straight, over mid-on, over mid-off) in one over. They rattled on an entertaining partnership of 52 before Dave played all over a gentle one but we were only half way home.

Pave joined the set Prashant but any raised YCAC hopes were soon lowered as Mr. Kale put the foot down. They added 22 in about 3 overs with Pave supporting. He fell with the score at 86 to be followed next ball by Sankar, who git allout shape on a straight one. Vicky joined Prashant who just kept right on pounding. He passed another half century for the season as they took us to our target, with Vicky smacking the winning runs down the ground for 4. Sharks 4-116 off 16 overs.

Batsman How Out 4/6 Balls Runs
Murad Caught & Bowled 1/0 10 7
Dave Bowled 5/0 31 32
Prashant NOT OUT 7/6 39 52
Paverty Bowled 1/0 10 5
Sankar LBW 1 0
Vicky NOT OUT 1/0 5 7
Sumon, Alwin, Anton, Kris Mairaj DNB      
  W 7 NB 4 B 0 LB 1 Extras 12
  16 overs 4 for 116


It was a very satisfying display of good cricket and professionalism, a hallmark of our club. Everyone had a bit to do, and while everyone would like a bat and bowl a good team effort and solid performance do not always allow this. Yet again Dave and Prashant put up a good partnership and Vicky is on the way back. We all had a crack. The win sends us to the regional finals to determine who will be No. 1 in our division. Let’s make top dog a Shark.комплексное продвижение сайта поисковых системахраскруткапродвижениекак взломать вконтактчехол для ipad с клавиатуройзайм в интернетеcasino gratis punto y bancabest escort service dubaigirne meritFree slot machines rainbow richesкакие животные есть танзаниимикс файт братево