Manager’s Monthly Missive – June 2017

Hello Sharks and supporters,
As the big heat looms just over the horizon, it’s time to take stock of a fairly busy June which saw all of the Sharks teams in action again along with a well-attended training session and the usual slew of umpiring duties.
On the Pitch
The 1st XI are getting a reputation for very tight games. June was no different as Dhugal’s men squeezed through a fierce Wombats fightback to win by 2 wickets. Brotherly combo Rubal and Rakib saw us past the post with some considered and dogged batting at the death. That’s just our 4th ever win against them. Fortune looked the other way though against Paddy’s where the 1s lost by a measly wicket in spite of an unbeaten rearguard 50 from man in form Adit.
No such trifles for the 2nd XI though who were beaten by the Tigers to the tune of whopping 88 runs. Despite the usual interruptions of lost balls, umpires telephones, rowers crossing the outfield and umpires telephones again (it was important), everyone put in a fair performance and the result would have been a lot closer if it weren’t for ….those 88 runs.
The Japan Cup side, bounced back to form with a crushing win over Tokyo Falcons at Sammu. Star of the day was Viv who picked up two wickets with his first two balls – clean bowled. The stumps were bent asunder so dramatically that the umpires took photos of them and posted them on Facebook shortly after the match.
Many thanks to our impeccably dressed June umpires: Mahesh (1st time – congrats), CTMolloy and Adit. I get the strong impression that the Sharks are setting the standard for umpires this season. Well done all.
Off the pitch…
A rare break in the Sharks calendar gave us a chance a hit in the nets at Akai Farm. Sankar ran the session and reports that everyone was enjoying bowling and batting so much there was no time for any fielding drills. Ha! When did the Sharks ever need fielding practice?
I’ve been in contact with as many ex-Sharks that I can remember and several have expressed an interest in receiving this monthly update and staying in touch. So this one’s going out to IainDave RearCoovreSushantAlwinThe HussPG and The Dixon ExpressAlexis Coovrehas threatened to visit Japan soon so get your excuses ready! You’ve been warned.
Some more great reports have appeared on the website from the pens of MarcusMolloy and Dhugal. Thank you for your time and words gents. More are on the way soon.
Ins and Outs…
A warm welcome to new man Praveen. Some Sharks have had the chance to meet him at the training session. We are looking forward to seeing you on the field of play soon.
Other Teams…
Poor old Adore had the honour of being the first team to forfeit a game this season when they couldn’t rustle up enough punters for their JCL2 match against Paddy Foleys. They came back next round though to beat Fuji Far East who are still winless this season.
Wombats still can’t get out of first gear with another brace of losses leaving them adrift at the bottom of the JCL1 table. Sano handed Wyverns only their second loss of the campaign to leapfrog them into pole position. Well done to them!
Congratulations must also go to Prashant who, despite being too busy for cricket this season, currently sits atop the batting lists with 245 runs in his 7 matches for Paddy Foleys. We’ll miss those runs PK!
Anything else…
Sometimes you have to knuckle down and do anything to keep your wicket intact even when it’s lying three feet behind you. At the Japan Cup game vs Falcons a dismissed Falcon batsman, a right-hander, questioned the legality of the ball that had just uprooted his middle peg. The bowler Adit, being left handed, and coming over the wicket surely counted as leg side fielder! So 6 fielders on the leg side!! That’s a no ball! Just for our future reference Sharks, we can categorically state that the bowler cannot be counted as a leg side fielder. The clue is in the name.
Tanuma will be out of action from July as the archaeological digging work begins on the ground. This needs to be done before the drainage work can be done. Apparently the ground was part of an historical castle and temple complex so they need to discover and remove anything long forgotten. I’ll let you know if they find my forward defensive…
Good luck in July Sharks

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