Kanto Cricket Grounds

Cricketing facilities in the Kanto area have expanded rapidly over the last few years with a push to establish more hard wickets. These are the grounds that the Chiba Sharks generally play at.

Sano International Cricket Ground

In the grounds of a disused high school, Japan’s showpiece facility features both turf and hard wickets, practice nets, seating areas and a toilet (of sorts). The JCA hold numerous events here including international matches. It’s situated on the edge of town but there is a 7/11 just around the corner from the ground. During Sakura season this ground is stunningly beautiful. Nearest station: Tanuma

Sano River Cricket Grounds, Gunma

Of these four fairly compact hard wickets next to the river, Sano 1 is easily the nicest of the bunch as it has a bit of character. Sano 2 is in poor repair and seldom used. Sano 3 has a nasty crack at the embankment end which can cause balls to rear up and Sano 4 is generally only used for practice. Proper preparation is required as there are no toilets, no convenience stores and no running water here. Nearest Station: Tatebayashi

Sammu Cricket Ground, Chiba

A single hard wicket on a pristine outfield, this is the home ground of the East Kanto Cricket Association and only went into full use in 2019. Facilities here are unmatched – changing rooms, toilets, drinks machines, seating, a community centre and a supermarket 5 minutes walk away. A perfect location for families to come and watch a match. Nearest station: Hyuga

Fuji Cricket Stadium, Shizuoka

An iconic pair of hard wickets under the gaze of the imperious Mt. Fuji. “Stadium” is a bit of a misnomer because it isn’t one. It’s a big field. Fuji is always a stunning setting to play in despite the long trip from Tokyo. There is a Portaloo and some practice nets but no convenience stores or running water. Nearest station: Fuji

Akai Farm Cricket Nets, Chiba

This excellent training facility, run by the legendary Ishimoto san, is used by a number of clubs as it offers everything you could need – three netted lanes with Flicx pitches and Japan’s only bowling machine! The area is big enough for fielding drills as well. There is running water, a maintained Portaloo and a 7/11 nearby. Nearest Station: Kamatori.