Jun, 2013 – Great Scott! Although Defeat Has Silver Linings

JCL 2 – Chiba Sharks2 vs Wyverns2, Sano 3,
June 23, 2013, 
By Kris Bayne

It looks pretty bad and it was definitely no picnic, but the thumping at the hands of a nationally-fortified Wyverns was not all doom and gloom. With a little more luck and stickier fingers the result may have been much closer. We shall not mope.

Our game followed on the heels of the celebrations of 150 years since the first known cricket match in Japan . Chiba Sharks had a very active role in this with Prashant, Navin and Takady playing and ‘anywhere-anytime’ umpiring duo Chris T and Kris B adjudicating the entire day (3 x T20) at YCAC. Persistent rain throughout the week backed off and left us with a nice, spongy Sano 3.

Captain Chris T led a very, very inexperienced Sharks against a Wyverns boasting a number of men’s national-squad players. In the end it was probably the difference but the Sharks stayed true to our aim to develop new and junior cricketers. Turning out were: Chris T (c & wk), Anton, Kris B, Charles, Sean (debut), Moto, Kentaro, Atharva, Mairaj, Ryan and Scott, with Takady taking up 12th man duties.


Wyverns 2nd XI –  7 wkts for 333 runs

Ignore the score. Some 200-odd of that was made by a player who had several lives and has (and will) face better bowlers. But, not many spells better than the working over he got from Scott. The rampant and blessed Ogawa aside, we actually bowled pretty well. Our last game effort was a wide-fest. We halved the extras and could do better yet, I think. At this level some of our bowling did not deserve what it got, but having bowled eight bowlers they all had their good moments.

Some had shaky starts but fought back valiantly in subsequent overs. Moto got his maiden cricket wicket. Anton bowled several just diabolical deliveries (Ed’s note – That’s a bit harsh Kris! I was bowling mainly to the Og, no extras and was dropped four times!)*. Kris was mostly very tight and a tad unlucky in his longest Shark spell (Ed’s note – Don’t be too hard on yourself there mate!;)).

*it has since been made clear by the author that he meant the deliveries were diabolical for the batsman rather than of an inferior  nature.  – Ed.

Kentaro grabbed wickets and he continues to grow in confidence (and listens!). His middle overs saw him get 3-7 off the bat! And then we come to Scott. Okay, he can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, nor is he faster than a speeding bullet, but his figures (including no wides) only tell part of the story – 8-2-38-0. At one stage he bowled 6 overs for 19. But the last figure, no wickets, was grossly unfair. He could have had a five-fer, including Ogawa very early. No-one could touch him let alone hit him (until much later and in much more cavalier fashion). It seemed to be a matter of ‘when not if’, but now we have to think ‘if only’. His opening spell of 4 overs was one of the best I have seen up close without the reward of a wicket. Those who did get belted will be better for the experience.








Scott 8 2 0/1 38 0
Ryan 6 0 5/0 63 1
Mairaj 3 0 7/2 26 0
Kentaro 5 0 6/2 28 3
Anton 3 0 0/0 33 0
Kris 6 0 5/0 44 1
Moto 2 0 2/1 26 1
Atharva 5 0 2/0 52 0
Charles 2 0 0/0 20 0


Once again we hurt ourselves in the field with catching (when they actually got to us, and there were a lot that fell short or just wide). Certainly it is a skill that, in the heat of battle, can fail and it has an effect on the confidence of the player (who gets nervous), the team (who can feel let down) and the batsman (who stays where he is). We also had a few players who are still learning the art and can be forgiven somewhat. We did however have chances that should have been taken. It would have looked much better.

We do need to look at some basics in the field where players maybe did not concentrate at their best level. We have to expect that a cricket ball can come our way at any time, at any speed, and for any reason. Ogawa, an experienced cricketer in an inexperienced side, probably got back on strike un-necessarily several times and we paid for it. We need to be always ready with our hands. We need to put more pressure on the batsman. We have things to work on in the field.





Anton Patient wait and nice take for looping catch at second slip. Moto
Chris T Neatly snaffled behind from a fine edge. Kentaro
Atharva Simple catch but under a bit of pressure. Kentaro
Takady (12th) Won the three-way race to a ball popped up at short leg. Kris
Thrower Taker
Charles Calm collect at deepish mid-on. Gave Chris a bit of work to do but sensible & effective throw.

Chris T


Chiba Sharks 2nd XI All Out for 99 runs

To be honest, we were unlikely to haul in 333. Being 6/28 at one stage was definitely going to make it hard. Where we were starved of chances and muffed quite a few when we got them, Wyverns used their athleticism and it seemed liberal amounts of super-glue. Again, we were very delicate in the batting so we should not get down on ourselves.

National bowler Ohta was short, fast and furious (which brings us back to the question, why here and why now?). An unfortunate run-out did not help matters and a procession of inexperienced batsman were just not equipped with the technique to weather the storm.


The four C & B suggest a lack of feet movement and defending far from the body. The length of stay was perhaps a better indication of application. But, let’s look at positives. Chris entertained us briefly and scared the gear-shift out of a couple of drivers lingering on the straight drive.

The juniors stuck it out once again and this can only be good for them and us in the long-term. And down the order Mairaj finally managed to find some form in the desperate situation. We need this from more. And with Scott he added 45 for the last wicket. And, as he did with the ball, Scott stood up, knuckled down and in the process found the boundary (where we had spent far too much time). It was a great rear-guard action in a truly hopeless situation. It would have so easy to have a fling and get out considering what had happened in the field and to batting above them. It was not so much the runs (though it was Scott’s equal PB and they doubled our score) but how they were acquired.



How Out




Anton Run Out 7 0
Kris B Caught 21 4
Charles Caught & Bowled 1 0
Sean Caught & Bowled 4 0
Moto Hit Wicket 7 1
Kentaro Caught & Bowled 26 3
Atharva Caught & Bowled 24 7
Chris T Caught 1/2 12 18
Mairaj NOT OUT 38 9
Ryan Caught 4 0
Scott LBW 4/0 31 23
Extras 33
10 for 99


Taken simply by the score-lines it was a forgettable game. As evidence of how we are developing it is much better. Said it before, we don’t select the opposition team and can only play who shows up. It was a hard lesson. A number of players were challenged in different ways, but they stepped up and recovered, some in the scorebook but others in confidence, I think.

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