Jan, 2015 – Almost ‘Live’ – Sharks Brush Aside Bits of Senshu University

WL – 10.1.15 Action Sports Stadium (ASS)
by Kris Bayne

Welcome to a delayed ‘real time’ coverage from the Action Sports Stadium in Kashiwa of Game 3, Chiba Sharks vs Senshu University, or at least two of them. Their numbers are being made up by assorted… players. Our line-up today is (back from left to right) Aayush (India), Asala (Sri Lanka), Ben (Australia),  Awal (Bangladesh),  and (front) Anton (England), Scott (Australia). The United Sharks of Chiba!

IMG_2331_2  Also in the house are some of our Bangladeshi Sharks, Murad, Sumon and a familiar friendly face, Nazrul, who are getting ready for the Rising Stars game. They gently and good-naturedly sledge Awal. Rumour even has it that the reigning and 4-time Shark Cricketer of the Year, the ‘Ginger Typhoon’ himself, Dave Lollback, has been spotted having a quiet tinny in the growing crowd.

It is 7:44 pm. After a short timetabling delay, Umpire Miyakawa has settled into his chair. The covers have been removed. Shoes checked. The light has a greenish tinge to it. The pitch more so. The new electronic scoreboard twinkles in expectation. It is cold. I have a couple of chuuhi. And kappa ebisen. Sharks prowl the baize. Ben (on Shark debut) has yellow ball in hand. Asala with the ‘keeper gloves.

Here we goooooooo for cricket 2015!


Overs 1-4

Early on Ben gets a run-out after collecting almost politely from his follow through! Great start. Couple of loosening wides but not many scored off the bat. Scott up now. Needs to get that radar fixed but when he does – BANG right through to take the very top of leg!!! Getting big swing!! Here’s Ben again. Run-out at the back thanks to Anton!!! Ben’s finding that ‘corridor of indecision’ where the batsman doesn’t really know what to do so he leaves. Scotty again. Into the body there!! Ooooooo, that’ll leave a mark! Too fast! Too high! Too good there. Big outswingers off short of a length from the big Aussie from deep Chiba. After 4 overs, three wickets taken for just 11 runs.

Overs 5-8

Awal loading up the cannon now. The batsman is actually wearing a helmet. And pads. Good idea…. I doubt if he will see the ball anyway. Very very sharp! WHAM! Top of middle is pegged straight back and sways like a metronome!!! Then he rings all the chimes! Two consecutives bowleds – that was fast and furious. Asala now – a first-ball nick almost stuck in Scott’s gloves. Yes, hot spot shows there was a piece of wood involved there. Great loop and length. Aaayush with a smart pick up in close, back to Scott – out!! Runs hard to get here but not wickets. Awal again. Quiiiiiiiiick! Scrappy ones are all they can manage here in defense of their personage. Yes, wet spot shows the batsman is a bit nervous against Awal. Sharks very sharp in the field. Asala’s second over. Batsman Kavin showing delicate Jinasena touch there off his ample hip – OH! confusion and a run out from Anton who cuts off a 4 and then butters up to delivers at the bowler’s end!! Great work – Senshu University down to just 5 runs after 4 overs!!


Overs 9-12

Aayush on. Runout off a long back-up by the runner. Almost a catch off the net to Awal. It is all happening here!! Great length and line is making the batmen take chances. Heeeeeeerrrrreeeee’s Anton. Wide. Now he finds his line. His graceful loopy trajectory is creating havoc!! Slick collect and run-out by Ben at the back. Sharks hunting everything in the field here! Aayush’s second over and a huge desperate, airy swipe by the batsman is rewarded with a bent back off stump – bowled. Last over by Capt. Lloyd-Williams. Scott snaps up a sparkling stumping after some mesmerizing wides from the Captain. Excellent work at the back by Aayush to stop a 4 in the back corner at the very end.

Fantastic team effort from start and right to the last ball, Sharks. Senshin University… 14 off 12 overs.


Overs 1-4

Anton and Ben to take up the …. errrrrr, chase. Boys pushed it about nicely. Two experienced indoorers here. A ball finally get untouched. Doing it well. Not spectacular – wait, a glorious straight drive for four by Anton L-W. Getting wide value too. ALW nearly takes the head off the bowler for another 4! Good, canny running by these two. And after 4 overs that’s 38 runs with no outs.

Overs 5-8

Scott and Aayush in now. Whoops! Over-ambitious there and a bit of a run-out. Aayush getting his bat in the right place, Scott trying to find his timing after a long layoff. Nice running. Good calling. Scott finds his range and bangs one through the field for 4!!!! “No, no, no!”, bays Scott, as he in fact barrels down the pitch. Half century up! Great work by these two. Now 60 up!!

Overs 9-12

Final pair is Asala and Awal. Great running and touch by this pair. 67 now. Almost a 6 there. Just caught the fat ceiling net at the back. Awal goes for the heave, several times, and is bowled….. Let’s get that back. Last over coming up. Awal is going to dislocate something if he keeps swinging like that. If he connects we may never see the ball again. They are picking up ones and two at will. Asala 4 and that is our innings closed!


Chiba Sharks finish on a lazy 88 with only a few outs.

We had already won by default anyway since Senshu could not field a viable team, but we were playing for bonus points which were achieved with ease. Fantastic team effort from start to finish. Everyone got involved in all aspects of the game.

放送席! 放送席! (hōsōseki! hōsōseki!) It has just been announced that Asala has been awarded the Man of the Match.

Next game is Jan 24 at 7:00 pm. Stay tuned.