2s Show Improvement in MIB Loss

JCL Div. 2 at Sano 1, 23 August 2020, By KB

Yeah, we got smashed again. Different style of report here.

We entered today on the back of two enormous beltings, or meltings then beltings. No doubt we are very out-classed and under-manned this season, but being put into a baking field and hammered to all parts of Sano 1 doesn’t help us when we finally get to bat. This week, against MIB, we had the chance to bat first, and although it was a 9-wicket loss, at least we showed improvement.

Many players in the team are either new to such competitive cricket or are returning to it after a long break. None can be happy about the weight of our loses. But as captain I have asked the players to understand our 2020 situation, but also to try to find areas of their own game to improve. We can’t focus on the final scoreboard – too awful.

We need to take some joy out of not only how we each can improve, but also how our teammates are improving. Celebrate Erika’s determination to improve. Cheer Sunny’s quest to get to bat higher. Encourage Ammar’s wait to get a bowl. Applaud Hamdan’s move to opener. Try to pick up tips in the field or while batting from the veterans. Here is our batting:

Ignore the R column. Look at B. There is some serious application going on there! Go back to the score-sheets for our previous two games. Players who were barely surviving were getting through three, four, five even six overs. Watching what others do, like how to leave a ball, how to get in behind it, how to not worry about scoring for a while (or AT ALL!) is bearing fruit. If we keep trying this and concentrating, runs will eventually come off the bat and from extras. Shots can be tried.

Here is our bowling:

Well, yeah, the swaggering seniors must have their fun. They could have sent out some lower lights to have a bat, but nah. In our case, Ammar got his first catch in ANY form of serious cricket let alone first for the Sharks. Arman only got a handful of deliveries in but he showed promise.
And once again, despite a pounding, the tent was positive at the end. Everyone could take something from their efforts. We have three games left. With the bat my aim is either of 40 overs batted or 100 hundred runs scored. Both would be good. With the ball is a score under 200, but I will take a variety of bowlers getting a wicket.

“From little things big things grow.” (Paul Kelly, Australia’s greatest singer-songwriter and cricket tragic – listen to his song about Bradman on youtube!). I’m really starting to enjoy our season, really.