2020 Akai Farm Refurbishment Project

The Sharks had a great training session at the newly refurbished Akai Farm Nets last weekend. We got to see Arman’s awesome medium place tweakers and bamboozling left arm offies as well as new man, Ajeet’s prowess with the bat.

Akai Farm has had some serious improvements over the off season but these cost money and Ishimoto san would be grateful if the Japanese Cricket community could chip in. Read below for details on how to support her efforts.

Akai Farm Pitch Refurbishment Project


We want to provide a place where cricket players can train safely and fully enjoy cricket in Japan! Akai Farm in Chiba City is refurbishing pitches damaged by recent typhoons and heavy rain in the Kanto region. We would really appreciate your cooperation for this refurbishment, and we will give original Akai Farm goods and coupons to everyone who donates to this refurbishment fund here:

ご支援いただいた資金について は、全額を人工芝のリニューアル費用の補填に活用致します。
We will use your funds to cover the cost of refurbishing our artificial turf pitches.

目標金額が未達の場合でもリ ニューアルプロジェクトは遂行致 します!未達の場合は、赤井 ファームのコスト/オーナーの自 費により補填致しますWe will see the project through even if we don’t reach our targeted funding amount. In that case, the owners of Akai Farm will cover the remaining costs at their own expense.