Oct, 2013 – Sharks 2nd XI Fall Frustratingly Short Against Fuji Far East

JCL2 – FFE vs Sharks 29.09.13
Sano3 – By Kris Bayne 

This game saw the close of the inaugural season for the Chiba Sharks Second XI. What seemed only a distant future goal quickly became a reality this year. While we did not win many games (one in fact) we can be proud of their achievements nonetheless. More of that later. We faced Fuji Far East, made up of players from, well, far-flung Fuji, with a liberal contingent of Keio University students. It turned out to be a very tight affair.

It was a milestone game in some ways. Prominent was that no fewer than five Thurgates were actively involved: Yuki as scorer, Cameron as towel runner, score-board manager and team mascot, and three players. Equaling a Miyaji record of three in one team, Chris (captain and very proud Dad) was joined by Marcus (14 yrs) and Ashley (10 yrs) to make it Three Thurgates in a Chiba Sharks game. Congratulations to you all! Ashley set a record for youngest JCA cricketer. A minor Japan cricket player-age-differential record of 43 (10 to 53) was also set.

It was really a case of the seniors and the juniors for this game with five Sharks players under 18 yrs! As for the rest, well, if their batting averages equaled their ages we would be unbeatable! But the future for the Sharks looks good! Chris captained the following: Murad, Kris B, Anton, Kentaro Minami, Mairaj, Rui Matsumura, Marcus T, Ashely T, Tsubasa Kotaka, Eiro Taniguchi.

Batting – Chiba Sharks 10 wkts for 161 runs

We lost the toss and were invited in by FFE. Murad and Kris B opened carefully and, with the help of wides, took the score to 41. Kris’ solid if unspectacular start yet again ended with an attempted cut shot (now shelved).

That, unfortunately, triggered a top-mid-order collapse as Anton, Kentaro, Mairaj and Rui also squandered the chance to make runs against a sedate attack. Call it IPS – the ‘Impatience Pie Syndrome’, when a batsman envisions the ball disappearing over the rope when in fact they do. It took us from 0-41 off 8 overs to 5-67 off 15.

The brakes were applied when the looming figure of Chris T sauntered to the crease to join Murad, who was playing probably his best innings for the Sharks. We could have been in much deeper trouble – and we have the very generous short boundaries to thank – as Chris’ first scoring shot was caught as the fielder was backing over the rope. He then proceeded to smear the bowling all over the shop.

Chris and Murad took us past 100 before Murad was bowled, the ball just clipping the leg bail. This brought Son No. 1, Marcus, to the crease. It is not unusual for an opposing team to congratulate a batsman with a handshake on making a century, however Marcus’ first scoring shot, a four smashed over square (must be the DNA), excited some FFE players almost as much as the Shark shed. Marcus played with aplomb. Unfortunately the thought of a Thurgate-fuelled revival was cut short when Dad, who greeted returning women’s international, Ema Kuribayashi, by depositing her over the square rope, was out caught in the same place next ball – another victim of IPS.

But wait! Thurgate C passes Thurgate A who joins Thurgate M!!! – the combined initials spelling Cam Thurgate!!! The unflappable Ashley defended grimly before following Dad back to the shed. At 8-133 off only 25 overs we might have expected the innings to fold quickly. Marcus and Tsubasa had other plans. They played straight when required, ran well and let the bowlers give the extreme edges of the pitch and the ‘keeper a thorough working over, so much so that they added 27 invaluable runs. Kuribayashi accounted for a third Thurgate and shall henceforth be known in their household as ‘She-Who-Must-Not-be-Named’. Eiro looked good before his castling.

Batsman How Out 4/6 Balls Runs
Murad Bowled 4 57 30
Kris B Caught Behind 1 22 8
Anton Caught 6 1
Kentaro Bowled 6 1
Mairaj Caught 6 4
Rui Caught 7 1
Chris T Caught 5/4 23 48
Marcus T Caught 1 22 11
Ashley T Bowled 4 0
Tsubasa Not Out 13 4
Eiro Bowled 5
Extras 52
31 overs 10 for 161

We ended up not using our 40 overs – only 31 of them – but made 161. Considering the bowling, but no offence, a 200+ score should have been easy. But, we didn’t and would have been in a spot of bother if not for 47 in wides plus some no balls. FFE really only boasted a couple of good batsmen so the game was going to be up to us to make.

Bowling – Fuji Far East 8 wkts for 163 runs

Who said the best defence was attack? Well, Chris T for starters as we applied the pressure from the outset – short point, short mid-off, some slips. Young guns Rui and Tsubasa opened the attack. These two will cause serious headaches for years.


By over 7 FFE had crawled to 17 and Rui had gone past/between bat and stumps so many times the ball must have left scorch marks on the wood. He was just too good for them to get an edge. It was both unbelievable and very frustrating. Add unfair to that as, bewildered Shibuya proved to be a thorn in our side.

Anton provided the breakthrough (1-23) with his third ball, which sadly brought FFE’s only bat of note, Takahashi, to the crease. He stayed to anchor the innings along with the fortunate Shibuya (granted he showed us what we should do – stick like a limpet). Wides again provided runs and respite. Kris and Murad slowed the scoring a bit but at 1-121 it looked like we were stuffed.

The return of Rui changed the contest. With his eye in Takahashi was probably the only one able to touch Rui and he did, a bit. His first ball ended up over the rope, his second ball, a beautiful outswinger, sent an edge flying high to Murad’s right at second slip. Up when one hand and the ball stuck like super glue. Brilliant ball, brilliant catch! 2-121. Murad followed that up by bowling the stubborn Shibuya. 3-124.

A late block on Rui saw the ball roll on to the stumps. 4-127 and we were back in this! Veteran Kuribayashi tried to steady the listing FFE ship by keeping strike but was done in by a fantastic effort by Eiro. He swooped on a ball at deepish mid-on, fired it back to bowler Rui who sent Ema back. 5-136! Like a lazer Rui ripped through again. 6-137! At drinks FFE were 6-144 chasing 162. Chris kept emphasizing every ball was crucial and it was our game to win of lose.

After drinks, Kris, who was miserly over his overs, unfortunately let loose a high no-ball. It even more unfortunately was hoicked over square… But we were not dead yet. Murad continued a fine day by nailing the extremely nervous Nakazato! 7-154. The tension was incredible and all that stood between us and victory was a few of the tail. Kris fired back with a tight over but with only a handful to get Chris tossed the ball to… himself. Murad slapped on the ‘keeper pads. There were close in fielders everywhere! At least five within two metres of the bat. The in-coming bat good-naturedly warned us he would hit. We good-naturedly took a step closer and set his helmet on fire. Chris rolled in and send down… a wide. Then came a 2. Then another down leg which the batsman clipped… as Murad moved across to snap it up – OUT! 8-158! The Sharks went berserk! It was a brilliant comeback to grab 7-37, but alas the last two FFE wickets were not to be.

Bowler Overs Maidens wd/nb Runs Wickets
Rui 8 0 4 19 3
Tsubasa 5 0 11 18 0
Mairaj 2 0 9 12 0
Anton 3 0 5 24 1
Kris B 4 0 0 13 0
Marcus T 1 0 3 22 0
Murad 8 0 4 26 2
Minami 2 0 1 18 0
Chris T 1 0 2 9 1


We just felt short by two wickets after we looked well out of it. We were probably 20-30 runs shy of where we should have been. While their wides helped, we had the same problem. But there was some fantastic cricket played and it was a really exciting game played by two evenly matched teams. No point in looking for too many reasons. There were some great individual efforts. Murad put in one of the individual games of the year: 30 runs as opener, 2-26, two wonderful catches and at first slip probably saved 10-15 runs covering wides. Chris played a dynamite innings of 48 off 23. Rui was outstanding: in his first spell he went 0-5 off 4 overs (3 of those wides) and was untouchable and terribly unlucky. Second spell he went 3-14 including a 6. A pleasure to watch.

Catcher How Bowler
Kentaro Settled nicely under a skied ball and took it comfortably Anton
Murad Super catch – hard edge, head high to right and take one handed. Probably catch of the year. Rui
Rui Regular catch taken regularly Murad
Murad As keeper snapped up a edge down leg side Chris T
Fielder How Taken by
Eiro Clean gather of a ball to deepish mid-on and quick return to bowler”s end Rui


As a 15-year-old, back in 1975, this reporter and some mates started playing in teams with and against men. Often hairy, smelly, swearing, hungover ones, but it was a new and exciting world. While we didn’t always bat high or bowl at all (a pity because we had Lillee and Thomson’s actions down pat), and lurked at places both deep and in the sun, we were playing serious cricket. We learned a lot (like beer farts really stink and we would never be Lillee or Thomson).

This year we jump started the Chiba Sharks 2nd XI to not only give us more cricket but to introduce some juniors to the next level. The likes of Rui, Tsubasa, Kentaro, Takuma and Atharva don’t even know who Lillee and Thomson are but they sure made an impression! And the little buggers can catch! To top it off there were Thurgates everywhere by season’s end! In a way it was who was teaching who? Safe to say that the Chiba Sharks 2nd XI was an outstanding success. We always fielded 11 players. We always had a good time. We saw the future of the Sharks and possibly the Japan National Men’s team grow before our very eyes. Next stop, the Sharks Women’s XI!!

Finally, hats off to Chris Thurgate who had dreamed of this for some time and whose tireless efforts at the junior levels and in Chiba brought so many good players to us. Thanks also to Yuki who must have to put up with a hell of a lot of smelly cricket gear and cussing Chiba Sharks.topod.inaracer.mobiпоисковая оптимизация и продвижение сайтавзломать вконтакте онлайнчехол для ipad ценавзять кредитную карту через интернетdescargar gratis cartones bingo 80 bolasescort service femalebedava casino oyunuTesco book a slotsiteфитнес клуб ссср дзержинский