Aug, 2013 – Sharks Collapse Like A House Of…Well, Sharks

JCL Div.1 – Sharks 1st XI vs Sano 1st XI
Sano 3, August 4, 2013 –  By Kris Bayne

Ahhh-ah! Another day, another collapse. What was shaping up as a Sharks day went pear-shaped instead. In both bowling and batting we let solid starts slip away. As usual we had good individual efforts but could not get across the line as a team.

Vicky started the day well by winning the toss and surprised some by sending Sano in. As we can never discount the Tatebayashi climate the thinking was to have Sano, short a player, slaving away in the heat. Even the gods were against us as the afternoon was cool and breezy!

Anyhow, we also farewelled two Sharks in their final game for Chiba, our ‘keeper and juniors sponsor, Charles Steinhardt, and our hardworking Kobe-bound Treasurer, Mineyuki ‘Tommy’ Tomiyama. Supporting the above were Murad, Chris M, Prashant, Sumon, Takady, Sayeed, Kris B and Aditya.

Sano 8 wkts for 171 runs

We probably put in our strongest bowling performance up until the 30th over. Each bowler maintained a good line and there was almost always pressure on the batsman. After an early breakthrough by Chris M we had to wait a while for our next wicket but it came thanks to a blinding catch by Sayeed. After that they fell steadily. By the 27th over we had them 7-100 and at the fall of that wicket we were happy with ourselves. It was pointed out that it was at this stage in games that we lose our way sometimes… well, someone burned our map. From 112 in the 30th over, Sano added about six an over to get to 171.

That the Sano No. 9 was a bit of surprise packet was one thing but the 25 runs in the last two overs hurt. Overall though it was a good bowling performance. Aditya was the pick of the bowlers with 3-31 (having had 3-18 at the end of his 7th). In fact all bowlers had figures in their teens well into their spells. Something must have been in the drinks at the 30th over mark….

Wides were a bit better, but 20 is still too many. We were cruelled by a few dropped and missed chances behind the wicket off batsmen who ended up contributing – in fact, the Sano bats generally had more edges than a Rubik”s Cube – but we should not point fingers. Still 171 was definitely gettable so it was our game to lose…


Bowler Overs Maidens wd/nb Runs Wickets
Takady 6 3 20 1
Chris M 7 4 28 1
Sumon 4 2 20 0
Aditya 8 3 2 31 3
Vicky 7 3 27 2
Prashant 8 7 38 1


Catcher How Bowler
Charles Smart regulation catch as ‘keeper Chris M
Sayeed At deepish point, got hands and other bits of his anatomy under a sharp and low cut shot Prashant
Charles Good take of a ball dropping Sancheti
Prashant Classic slips grab to a ball going to his right and low Aditya
Aditya Wonderful face-high relax catch to a drive smashed back Aditya
Charles Clean take off a top edge Takady


Chiba Sharks All Out for 135 runs

… so we did. Our batting mirrored our bowling. Our top five all made it to double figures (not checked but that may be a first for the season) and put their heads down to do it. Boundaries were very hard to come by with the lush outfield pulling the ball up. It was a bit slow-going as the bowling was also accurate.

At 3-106 in the 30th over we were looking good but what we needed was for someone to go on and take the attack by the neck and give it a good shake. Unfortunately that did not happen and we lost 7 for 29… mostly to a bowler who was innocuous at best. Sumon played a solid innings but did not have the fire-power on this ground and the tail self-destructed, including two golden ducks. Very disappointing after a good start.

Batsman How Out 4/6 Balls Runs
Murad Caught 2 28 18
Chris M Caught 1 47 18
Prashant Caught 2 47 21
Vicky Caught 1 17 11
Sumon Caught 1 45 27
Takady Run Out 0 1 0
Sayeed LBW 0 3 2
Charles Bowled 0 1 0
Kris B Bowled 0 6 2
Aditya Bowled 0 7 5
Tommy Not Out 0 3 1
    Extras 26
  39 overs 10 for 135

This loss makes it even more difficult for the 1st XI to reach the finals this year. Again we had some very good moments and personal efforts in this game. We also had our share of lapses and brain explosions that could have made a big difference. As a team, if we were to break up the game into 10-over blocks between drinks then we won on points, but sadly this was not lawn bowls.продвижение сайтаtopodреклама в интернете сайтаformhack друг вокругбампер айфонкредит на малый бизнесcasino film online watchhigh class escort agenciesmerit crystal cove girne1 place to play blackjack onlineотдых в африке на море ценыалекс фитнес марьино расписание