2013 Reports

Reports From The 2013 Season

Dec, 2013 – Hammerheads Left Hanging By Bulls

Dec, 2013 – Hammerheads and Bull Sharks Take Big Indoor Bites

Nov, 2013 – Sharks Give Up Kyodai Chiba Cup

Oct, 2013 – Sharks Fall Short in Fantastic Final 

Oct, 2013 – Sharks Sluggish in Almost Dead Hawks Rubber

Oct, 2013 – Sharks Wipe Out Wyverns

Oct, 2013 – Sharks, You Are Clear To Land

Oct, 2013 – Tohoku CC, You’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat

Oct, 2013 – Sharks 2nd XI Fall Frustratingly Short Against Fuji Far East

Sep, 2013 – Sharks Pipped At The Post By Wily Wyverns

Sep, 2013 – T-Bolts Abort Sharks Vs Paddys Bout

Aug, 2013 – Sharks Collapse Like A House Of…Well, Sharks

Aug, 2013 – Big Game For Sharks As Tigers Tamed At Sano

Jul, 2013 – Shoddy Sharks Lose Their Way Again

Jul, 2013 – ITCC, BECC & CSCC At YCAC See?

Jul, 2013 – Sharks Too Sluggish For Wombats

Jul, 2013 – Gold And Diamonds At Fuji As Sharks Self Destruct

Jun, 2013 – Beanz Meanz Sharkz

Jun, 2013 – Great Scott! Although Defeat Has Silver Linings

Jun, 2013 – Sharks “T” Keio

Jun, 2013 – Sharks Pipped By Paddys in Low-Scoring Nail-Biter

May, 2013 – Plenty To Adore In Sharks Win

Apr, 2013 – Sharks Simply Smash Sano

Apr, 2013 – Sharks Show Some Bite In Pre-Season Encounter

Mar, 2013 – Sharks Fire Up Twice for Back-to-Back Indoor Crowns

Feb, 2013 – Sharks Give YFK The Cold Shoulder

Jan, 2013 – Paddys Pummeled In Steinhardt Straight Bat Shocker

Jan, 2013 – Stylish Sharks Gobble Up Go!Go!Ken!


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