Dec, 2013 – 2013 Chiba Sharks Awards Ceremony

Matsudo – 30/11/13. By Kris Bayne & Anton Lloyd-Williams

As is our tradition, the annual Chiba Sharks Awards put the final full stop on our 2013 outdoor season. Reflecting our growing player and supporter base, 28 Sharks and entourage filled player/sponsor Murad’s Pizza & Pasta Italiana in Matsudo. Also in attendance was Kabir Ali of our other sponsor, Kyodai Remittance, to see what his generosity had generated in the past season. Our final sponsor, Buzzerbeater, aka Charles Steinhardt was with us in spirit.

An Amuse Bouche – The Manager’s Speech by Dave L

In his Manager’s speech, Dave reiterated the club’s appreciation of the support received from our sponsors this year, namely Kyodai Remittance, which was represented on the day by Mr. Kabir Ali; Pizza & Pasta Italiana, whose manager Murad graciously hosted the awards party at the restaurant; and, which was represented in spirit by Charles, who is now back in the US. We keenly wish to maintain these partnerships in the future and thank them for their gracious financial support.

Dave explained that 2013 had been a big year for the club, being the first time we had two teams. Our results in 2013 were something we need to build on, but considering the difficulties of running two teams, things ran smoothly enough, and Dave gave special thanks to the MC and selectors for making that happen

Dave welcomed a number of players playing their first season with the club in 2013, including Moto, Mairaj, Takady, Aditya, Alwin, Scott Musgrave, and Awal. There was also a pleasing number of new recruits from the My-Ys, including Rui, Kentaro, Takuma, Marcus, Tsubasa, and Atharva. We welcome them to the club.

Dave also mentioned the players we sadly farewelled in 2013, including Charles, who was generous enough to also provide sponsorship in the form of assistance for our youth cricketers, which we deeply appreciated, and also Tommy, who was treasurer of the team for a number of years – we wish them well and hope we will see them again soon.

Dave opined that while our JCL results were somewhat lackluster, it was encouraging to see our new and young players developing in Division 2 as the season went on. We did extremely well in the Japan Cup, becoming Kanto Champions and then falling just short in the national final. We should all be proud of this result, and look forward to going one better next year. And with that, he was gone.

Entree – First XI Captain’s address by Varun Sancheti

In his first ever Captain’s speech, Varun firstly welcomed everyone and started off relating his experience playing with the Sharks and thanking everyone for showing confidence in him and choosing him as the 1st XI Captain.
He also mentioned that it was a bit disappointing to not reach the final, but at the same time it was good that all the games were close ones and by moving forward with some small changes we have the potential to bring the trophy back to the club.
Il Capitano also mentioned that with new players like Takady, Chris M (who stepped up as an opener) taking more responsibilities he has full confidence that we can turn the tables around in the 2014 season.


Soup Course – Second XI Captain’s address by Chris Thurgate

Chris T was delighted to report that the inaugural Sharks 2nd XI, so many years in the planning, had given a good account of themselves and established a bedrock of keen, young players who, it was hoped, would go on to form the core of the next generation Sharks sides, not to mention the National team. It had been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. The team had taken a clobbering on occasion but dished out a few too all the while maintaining the sense of enjoyment and fun that pervades the team from the top down.

Main Course – Man of the Match awards

These awards are a chance for anyone to be recognized by their peers for achievements in individual games.  1st XI and Japan Cup matches are decided by players votes but the 2nd XI Captain is responsible for picking his best performer on the day. Here are the details and winners of a very, very full season;

1. 31st March Friendly vs Uenomiya High School at Fuji1
Won by 6 wkts
 Sharks bowl first. UHS 114 for (30 overs) Sharks reach 115 for 4 in 25th
 Takady joined the team for this match.
Dave and Vicky both knocked a decent amount of runs and ALW got a couple of wickets.
MOM – Anton > 2 wkts

2. 31st Apr – JCL1 vs Sano 1 at Sano 1
Won by 175 runs
 Sharks bat first. Good knocks from Prashant and Vicky. 238 / 6 off 40
 Sano blitzed for 63 in 19 overs.
BF – Dave L
3rd – Awal > 2wkts
2nd – Vicky > 68 & 1 / 0 off 1
1st – Prashant > 85

3. 12th May – JCL2 vs Adore at Sano
Won by 54 runs
 Batted thru 40 overs – 191 / 7
 Chris T > 76, Rui > 39
 Dave Rear > 5fer
MOM – Dave Rear > 5wkts

4. 2nd June, JCL1 vs Paddys at Sano2
Lost by 2 wkts
 Sharks bat first 169/9 off 40
 5 ducks incl Creece caught first ball
 Bowled well but 30 wides – lost in 36 over
BF – Alwin
3rd – Takady > 33
2nd – Molloy > 30 & 1wkt
1st – Prashant > 79

5. 9th June, JCL2 vs Sano2
Lost by 8 wkts
 Sharks 139 ao (Thurgate 77)
 57 wides helps Sano to 140 / 2 in the 22nd
MOM – Chris T > 77 runs

6. 15th June, JCUP vs Keio Knights at YCAC
Won by 3 wkts
 Keio 108 / 5 off 20
 Sharks survive a revolving door of batsmen
 Sharks – 112 for 7 off 18 overs
BF – Moto
3rd – Murad > 24 as opener
2nd – Prashant > 21 & 2wkts
1st – Molloy > 26 as opener

7. 23rd June, JCL2 vs Wyverns 2 at Sano3
Lost by 234
 Wyverns nat squad make 333 incl a Ogawa 200 n/o. Kentaro 3wkts
 Sharks crumbling reply 99 ao
MOM – Kentaro > 3wkts

8. 29th June, JCL1 vs Wyverns 1 at Sano 3
Lost by 40
 Played with 10
 Wyverns bat first 219/5 – we won some sessions and lost others
 Sharks – 179 aos
BF – Anton, Sumon, Sagar and Takady
3rd – Adit > great bowling 2/51
2nd – Dave L >  58
1st – Vicky > 57 Captains innings incl 5 sixes

9. 13th July , Japan Cup vs Indian Tigers at YCAC
Lost by 7wkts
 Sharks bat first 101/7 classic procession of outs
 Tigers blasted off 102/3 off 12
BF – Murad
3rd – Sagar > 2/13
2nd – KB > gritty 7* supporting…
1st – Prashant > 64

10. 13th July, Japan Cup vs British Embassy at YCAC
Won by 46
 Return of Bedingfield
 Finished under lights Sharks bat first 179/5 – all bats getting in
 BECC 133/7
BF – Chris T, Moto and Alwin
3rd – Charles > brutal 36
2nd – Adit > 2/7
1st – Dhugal > 66

11. 21st July, JCL1 vs Wombats at Sano3
Lost by 4wkts
 Sharks bat first – good start by Molloy and Nav but mid order collapse -190/8
 Sharks put up a good fight but Beath again a thorn in the side
 Wombats over the line for 6 in 34th over
BF – Murad
3rd – Adit and Takady
2nd – Dave Lollback > 61
1st – Molloy > 82 as opener

12. 28th July JCL2 vs Hokushinetsu Hawks at Fuji
Lost by 70
 Hawks 203/8 ALW 2/30
 Sharks 133ao. 4 ro for Vicky. Dave L run out for Diamond Duck. Marcus T debut.
MOM – Ryan > keeping his head up through a shocker!

13. 4th August, JCL1 vs Sano1 at Sano 3
Lost by 36
 Charles & Tommy’s last game
 Sano 171/8 Adit/Vicky doing most of the damage
 Sharks all out 135 (couldn’t get going and the tail collapsed)
BF – Prashant
3rd – Prashant > 21
2nd – Sumon > 27
1st – Adit > 3/31

14. 17th Aug – Japan Cup South Kanto Final vs Indian Tigers at Sano2
Won by 29
Sharks – 132/8 good knocks from most of the top order.
Tigers – 103/8 all bowlers taking wickets
Great fielding/catching too (CT Umpired next match)
BF – Rui
3rd – Rui > 2/20
2nd – Dave Lollback > 1wkt and 23
1st – Chris T > 31.

15. 22nd Sept, JCL1 vs Wyverns 1 at Sano3 – final JCL1 game
Lost by 4wkts
Sharks – 157 – decent start but the extended tail sank without trace
Pretty close game that we let slip
Wyverns reach on last ball of 39th
BF – Rockey
3rd – Prashant > 27 & 1wkt
2nd – Takady > 21 & 1wkt
1st – Dave Lollback > 34 & 1 wkt

16. 29th Sept, JCL2 vs Fuji Far East at Sano 2 final JCL2 game
Lost by 2wkts
Sharks > 161 Chris, Marcus and Ash all batted
FFE win in 35th but a storming performance by the young guns – Rui (3wkts) Tsubasa and Kentaro
MOM – Murad > 30 & 2wkts

Japan Cup Matches 12 -14 Oct:

Day 1 – Morning match vs Tohoku CC on Sano 4
Won by 155
Sharks – in fits and starts we knocked our way through a haphazard bowling attack 183/6
Demolition job on Tohoku from ball 1 – 28 ao
BF – Dave L
3rd – Adit > 2/1
2nd – Dave > 21 & 2wkts
1st – Nick Creece > 63

Day 1 – Afternoon match vs Sano on Sano 3
Lost by 7 wkts
Sharks – 102 for 6 a lot of dot balls
Sano – openers do a grand job. Reached their target in 16th – Sharks looking sluggish
BF – Nick Creece
3rd – Adit > great bowling but little reward
2nd – Takady > 2/12
1st – Nick Creece > 38 runs

Day 2 – Afternoon match against Wyverns
Won by 8 wkts
Wyverns were wiped out by the best performance of the season
Wyverns all out for 76 in the 15th
Sharks win in the 10th over
BF – Nick and Sagar
3rd – Dave L > 2wkts
2nd – Nick Creece > 33
1st – Takady > 23 & 3/12

Day 3 – Morning match against Hokushinetsu
Lost by 23
Hawks 104 ao – good bowling
Sharks 81 for 8. Couldn’t find the boundary
BF – Dave Lollback
3rd – Takady > 13 &1 wkt
2nd – Vicky > 15 & 2wkts
1st – Dave Lollback > 21 & 1wkt

Day 3 – Final against Sano at Tanuma
Lost by 4 wkts
Sharks – 118 for 7
Sano – cross the line in the penultimate over
BF – Sumon
3rd – Dave L
2nd – Molloy > 14 runs & 1 wkt
1st – Nick Creece > 50 n.o.

Final match of the Season Chiba Cup 2nd Nov at Chiba Minato
Lost by 15
Uni XI 93 ao in 16 over
Sharks even worse 78 ao in 20
BF – Mairaj & Murad
3rd – Vicky > 24
2nd – KB > 4wkts
1st – Takady > 24 & 1wkt

After tucking into to more Italiana fare and working the barman into the ground it was time for the BIG ONES! The awards that stop the nation, or at least a lot of nationalities. And here they are!

Cheese Course – Individual Awards

Best First Year Player – Tsuyoshi ‘Takady’ Takada.
Fresh from Uenomiya High School and into university in Tokyo, Takady succeeded in his main objective in life – joining the Chiba Sharks. He celebrated that with a solid season that started slowly but by season’s end we were dazzled by his square drives and his ability to switch from hostile pace to beguiling spin. This guy has it all, including the world’s largest head.

Most Improved Player – Chris Molloy
Chris made a name for himself first as a bowler with a dubious radar. That improved markedly over this season, but it was his ability to play the ‘V’ that was most noted by some vets of indoor. Given a chance to move from No. 11 to No. 1, Chris had us open-mouthed with his consistency and he hit a PB of 82. Worthy winner!

Best Fielder – Dave Lollback
This man is a cricket ball magnet and rarely grasses a catch. But, Christ on a bike, do we know it when he does! Add to that a willingness of a Labrador to chase anything down and an arm like a Cruise Missile. The complete ferocious packet as a fieldsman! He makes batsmen nervous.

Best Bowler – Aditya Tallapraganda
9 Wickets at 21 with a best 3-31. This reporter recalls standing as umpire when Adit started off his Sharks career in Chiba Cup 2012, with a double wicket maiden. I smiled so wide half my head tilted backwards. At times unplayable and always thinking. First ball of the innings wicket specialist and well deserved award.

Best Bowler 2nd XI – Dave Rear
11 overs – 2 maidens – 53 runs – 6 wickets – best 5/28 – av. 9 – SR 11 – Ec. 4.8 – Amazing figures. We only managed to get a couple of early games out of the big Englishman, but one earned him a ‘fivefer’. His steeping bounce and tight line outside off is something we all wish we could see more of (and the opposition less, obviously).

Best Batsman – ‘Il Capitano’ Varun ‘Vicky’ Sancheti
Our Captain for 2013 is known in the Japanese cricketing fraternity as pretty frightening with a red leather object, but this year he added a piece of wood to that reputation. Leaving a wake of shattered bowlers, exhausted fielders and swearing batting partners, Vicky surged to the lead in the batting table for 2013.

Best Batsman 2nd XI – Chris Thurgate
222 runs/av. 37 with two 50s. ‘Mr. Devastation’ they should call him. Taking on the 2nd XI Captain duties and donning the oven mitts all day is taxing enough, but often Chris would lay waste to bowling attacks, leaving everyone with sore necks watching the ball disappear into the distance. He alone accounted for a large percentage of team runs.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Spirit of the Sharks – Aditya Tallapraganda/Kris Bayne
We had a double whammy as Kris was incredibly honoured to receive a second SOS, mainly due to being in the right place at the right time with a full tank of petrol. Aditya, on the other hand, threw himself into Shark duties like he was born for the highest public office, always with enthusiasm, panache and incredible detail – in his first year!! It is stuff like this that makes this club the best in Japan, if not Northeast Asia!


Cricketer of the Year – Dave Lollback
Look! Up in the sky! With the bat it seemed to be a season in which if Dave was not grimly holding the fort he was making mincemeat of the opposition. In the field his bowling not only took wickets, it put the squeeze on to allow other to do so. Then there is the small matter of catch bullets or small objects coming down from the stratosphere. NOT to mention uprooting stumps from the boundary. He has the sky-blue pants and red undies, all he needs is a matching cape and a yellow S on his chest!! Dave Lollback – super star!

And with that, the fantastic array of hand-crafted Anton Lloyd-Williams trophies were with their new owners.

And For Desert – A Chris T Special

A special moment next as Dave L announced that Chris Thurgate was to be awarded the first ever Life Membership of the Chiba Sharks for his work with the Sharks, Cricket in Chiba and Cricket in Asia. Chris T has been with the Sharks since day 1 and has been instrumental in the creation of the club as it currently stands. Chris! We salute you!

One for the road…

We thanked everyone for coming, gave our appreciation to Murad for his hospitality and ventured forth in search of a Nijikai, which we soon found…

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