Jan, 2012 – Sharks Win Games and Head Count at Kashiwa Double-Header

Winter League,

Sharks vs Wyverns CC / Sharks vs KICC
17 Dec. 2011 by Kris Bayne

The mercury really dropped to wintry levels in Kanto today, but weather is no obstacle to the Chiba Sharks (Togane aside)! Eight players made themselves available for our games against Wyverns CC and KICC (Kashiwa Indoor Cricket Club), and we welcomed Ruman Chowdhury to watch and meet us.

Arriving full of enthusiasm at Kashiwa we were informed, however, that Wyverns were not similarly stimulated and could not field a full team for Game One. “How many short?” we asked; “Full Team”, the reply. A marriage was the reason – hell, what a way to avoid playing the Chiba Sharks! I am provoked to offer:

So we left it to a Wyvern to gain,

a delightful life

with ball and chain.

Some Sharks may know just where that’s at,

and find relief

with ball and bat.

Anyhow, after enlisting just about anyone who was hanging around the nets at the time, we played. The Sharks were, by this time 9-strong (including Ruman) so with the match points already tucked away due to the forfeit, it was:

Chiba Sharks (Chris T, Charles, Koji, Tommy, Chris M & Sagar)


‘Whybothers’ (3 Sharks – Nick, Kris B & Ruman, 2 KICC and 1 Sano – Rahul).

But the game was anything but a hit and giggle…

WATCH THIS SPACE – Dear Readers, I have about as much chance of getting stats on these games in good time as I have of opening the batting with Dave Warner in Sydney. I am working on it. The stats, I mean. We also played a game against KICC or ‘Freedom’. We won both games by forfeit.

Before my memory fades completely I will post on some efforts/incidents from the various Sharks from these games and I hope some others can add to that. I remember some moments more than others, so when I get the stats I will add and amend.

Tommy ‘the Gun’ Tomiyama was Man of the Match in Game One and was in line for Game Two! He batted really well and probably won the game for the Sharks by crashing some valuable runs, including a last-over 6. His progress with the bat has been wonderful and he continues to work on his bowling action.

vs Whybothers aka Wyverns 21 (0 outs) 1/15 vs Freedom 20 (1) 1/11

Koji bowled a great length and line tonight. He was rewarded by cleaning bowling a seasoned indoor batsman (can’t remember who, but he did). He also has a developed a good sense of running in indoor games and helped pick up some extra runs there. Was on the pineapple end of some unfortunate run outs, though.

vs Whybothers aka Wyverns  8 (0) 2/9 vs Freedom 1 (3) 1/20 (overs against female batter)

Ruman came along expecting just to watch and maybe have a bit of practice. He ended up playing indoor for the first time, playing cricket after a six-year gap, playing for but against  the Sharks, and his muscles are probably STILL paying for it! He immediately dropped into a beautiful line and length with his offies (picked up 5/15 overall) and we have probably gained a new Shark and another dentist for next season. Welcome!

vs Sharks -1 (2) & 2/8 vs Sharks 15 3/7

Nick, our writer-who-comes-in-from-the-cold to play Winter League with us was as devastating as usual. With the occasional indoor ball that actually has a SEAM, some of his deliveries were unplayable and just unhittable. Sharp batsman (bit of a blip tonight), keen fielder. We’d love to have him outdoors…

vs Sharks 2 (3) 1/9

Charles picked up Man of the Match in Game Two. His unorthodox hitting, including switch-hitting to leggies makes him a formidable indoor player. He also showed us a new string to his bow but donning the ‘keeper gloves and snapping up two consecutive catches behind. These were healthy edges which he had to move for – clean as a whistle! His last know location was perched high in Cerro Toco in the Andes Mountains in Chile, gazing by day at the waterless expanses of the Atacama Desert and by crystal-clear night through a six-metre telescope at the vast glories of the universe. He says he is looking for black holes. I think he is looking for intergalactic cricket matches who are short of players…

vs Whybothers 15 (1) 2/12 vs Freedom 20 (1) 1/12

Chris T showed why he is such a great keeper by nearly decapitating a few people with the ball, and that was just in the warm up. Subbing, to our dismay, AGAINST us in Game Two he threatened to single-handedly demolish the back net. He was thwarted in his attempt a couple of times and successful in others (see Kris B for both instances).

vs Whybothers 15 (2) 1/13 vs Sharks 36 0/13

Chris M generated some good pace off the minuscule run for little return and batted sensibly, until runout by his partner on a regular basis. He has slipped nicely into the Sharks and it will be really interesting to see what he can do with a hard, red nut in outdoor!

vs Whybothers -6 (3) 0/16 vs Freedom 16 (0) 0/12

Sagar had moments with both bat and ball. Going round the wicket with his angle and full length he is very hard to handle and when batting he is always on the look out for quick singles. His best game was probably as a sub for KICC as his icing of a final over for them against Sano won KICC the game.

vs Whybothers 12 (3) 3/-5 vs Freedom 7 (1) 0/24

Kris B did fairly well with the ball. While subbing he gave an in-form Tommy a very torrid over with the ball shaving off, then leg, and finally scooting over the top middle. Charles latched onto two nice catches against KICC but his hat trick ball left a dent in the back wall courtesy of Chris T. This is nothing, however, to state of his thumbs cutting off some other Thurgate thunderbolts. Try typing with eggplants for digits! His batting was absolute compost, with him managing a personal and highly embarrassing hat-trick of outs off the first three deliveries. Bloody cricket!

vs Sharks 11 (2) & 1/7 vs Freedom -4 (4) 2/11

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