Sep, 2012 – JCA Season Ends in ‘The Battle of Surf and Turf’

Sharks vs Wombats, JCL1 Q. Final, Sano, 08.09.12
By Kris Bayne

The aquatic Sharks took on terrestrial Wombats at Sano One ‘The Bull-Ring’ in the knockout Semi-Final B. Surprised to find ourselves in a final after such an appallingly dismal season, the Sharks had hoped to come good at the right time against our oldest foe. Sadly, this was not the case.

Bowling & Fielding

The Wombats boast the toughest top three in the JCA competition in Patmore, Shearer and Beath. To have any chance of skittling the Wombats requires the early removal of at least two of those and a lot of work to contain the third. We got our wish in the former, but not latter… Vicky opened up with an over of enthusiasm but one that went into double figures scored, and with Sagar a bit wayward it was not until Over 4 that the boys calmed down. Vicky celebrated in his 3rd by catching a thick bottom edge and removing the dangerous Patmore bowled, which brought Beath to the crease to join Shearer (who had faced all of two balls).

We were given a dream start when in Sagar’s 4th, Beath called Shearer through for a third run, only to renege. Sumon’s long, accurate throw to Sagar at the bowler’s end caught Shearer short. Wombats two national team batsmen gone for 48 and there was nervous shifting in the Wombat hutch. One more wicket, just one, and we were a massive chance at rolling the Wombats cheaply. The only thing that rolled, however was the score.

One could be unkind and say Beath decided scoring runs was a far better option that the tongue-lashing that awaited him. That would be unfair to his batting and powers of concentration and stamina however. Supported by a 50 from Vakil they put on 120 and put the game beyond us. Half and difficult chances dropped, e.g. Beath on 70ish, did not help us and that has been the tune all year. We must approach a catch offered as if the lives of our family depended on it.

Valik fell to a top edge which was well held by Dave Rear off Chris Molloy and we were still in it when Sumon trapped the new batsmen LBW first ball. But the experienced Beath defied cramps and the heat to milk the strike and smote the ball to all parts with the support of a couple of batsmen (extracted by Vicky). Wides and no-balls hurt and by the time Beath (146) finally departed caught Murad bowled Vicky again, it was 247 runs up.

The last wickets to fall went to Sagar thanks to catches by Prashant and Charles behind the stumps as Wombats batted out their 40 overs for 9-264. Vicky was the pick of the bowlers with 4-43 (considering 12 of those were off his first it was bloody good effort!). Charles let no byes through in another exemplary performance with the oven mitts.

Bowler O M R W
V. Sancheti 8 0 43 4
S. Waghunde 7 0 40 2
P. Kale 8 1 50 0
D. Rear 4 0 34 0
D. Lollback 3 0 19 0
C. Molloy 4 0 26 1
M. Haque 6 0 49 1


Partnerships were the key as Dave revved us up to tackle this total. Wombats do not have an outstanding bowling attack so with application we could give ourselves a chance. (VERY, VERY LONG PAUSE HERE.) Murad was the first wicket, LBW with the score on 4. Dave L and Sumon knuckled down to take us to 46 after seven overs. Sumon carved three lovely boundaries and Dave was warming up to the task. The dreaded finger was raised again, though, to a rather generous LBW and Sumon was on his reluctant way for 13.

Prashant joined Dave. Both let rip with some fours but total disaster struck when they departed in the 12th over with the score on 78. And that, as they say, was probably the ball game. Somewhat ironically, though, with our main run-makers back in the tent, the rest of the team did not totally collapse as is our wont but stuck around to add almost another 70. These are the cajoles we need all the time! New pair Charles and Vicky really kept the scoreboard busy with 4s and 1s. Charles played probably the shot of the day by actually very expertly LEAVING a few balls that would have normally got him in strife. Any joy was short, however, as the introduction of Muralitharan of Japan, Roni Parvej, went through the Sharks tail and fins like a Chinese soup restaurant catering to a Japanese TV ‘tarento’ wedding broadcast live in prime time.

We could actually see Charles contemplating his switch-hit tactic for Mr. P and it would have been interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, after racking up another ‘teens’ score, he did not get a chance as he was bowled at the other end. A double wicket maiden accounting for Vicky (11) and Sagar (zip) then Charles at the opposite end had us lose three wickets on 103, all bowled. Chris M and Anton put their heads down for a few overs, which was enough for Anton to lace two very good boundaries and ‘up’ their batting cred. Anton fell to Parjev hitting out once more, which brought Sayeed to the fray.

He’s not just one of the best dentists in the team, he’s also one of the most entertaining. He took his usual ‘sighter’ of two balls, then detonated! Much to our delight he took 13 off one Parvej over. He had a nice string of 441462 to race to 26 until he then Chris M were the final to wickets to fall to, well, you don’t really need to be told. Dave R did not trouble the scorers or even the umpire to take guard, being unfulfilled at the non-striker’s end, 0 not out. Sharks all out in 25 overs, damn it, 143.

…… Runs Balls 4’s 6’s
D. Lollback c. Keeper b. Koolhof 29 27 5 0
M. Kazi lbw b. Beath 0 3 0 0
M. Haque lbw b. Koolhof 13 18 3 0
P. Kale c. Fielder b. Koolhof 13 12 3 0
V. Sancheti b. Parvej 11 12 1 0
C. Steinhardt b. Fuller 17 16 3 0
S. Waghunde b. Parvej 0 1 0 0
C. Molloy b. Parvej 4 11 0 0
A. Lloyd-Williams c. Fielder b. Parvej 9 9 2 0
U. Sobhan c. Fielder b. Parvej 26 18 3 1
D. Rear not out 0 0 0 0
Extras nb0 w18 b0 lb3
Total 143 all out Overs 25

All in all it was a rather typical way to end the season. Too may extras, too many dropped catches and a reliance on too few. Hard to say, but basically true.

Let’s hope we are back in the Grand Final next year!

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