2012 Reports

Reports From The 2012 Season

Dec, 2012 – A Shocking Mocking In Sharks Christmas Stocking

Dec, 2012 – Sharks Spank Senshu Students (You Know Where)

Nov, 2012 – Sharks Deliver In Thriller In Chiber (sic)

Oct, 2012 – Sharks Flounder On The Banks Of Edogawa

Sep, 2012 – JCA Season Ends in ‘The Battle of Surf and Turf’

Aug, 2012 – More Thunder Than Plunder As Sharks Go Under At Sano

Aug, 2012 – Sharks Knacker´d, Crack´d & Paddy Whack´d: Pt. 1

Aug, 2012 – Sharks Knacker´d, Crack´d and Paddy Whack´d: Pt. 2

Jul, 2012 – Sharks Over Adore In A Beauty At Fuji

Jul, 2012 – Mystery Of The Universe Still Unsolved – Sharks Lose Again

Jun, 2012 – Anyone For Shark Crumble?

Jun, 2012 – Duck on the Menu again at Sano

May, 2012 – Keio KO’d By Ruthless Sharks

May, 2012 – Uni Boys Teach Shoddy Sharks A Lesson

Apr, 2012 – Davo Defiant Amidst Wombats Walloping

Mar, 2012 – Sharks Grab The Super Plastic Fantastic!

Feb, 2012 – Gals and Guys No Match for Rampaging Sharks

Jan, 2012 – Sharks Win Games and Head Count at Kashiwa Double-Header

Jan, 2012 – Sharks Touch Up Old Rivals YFK But Not TITs

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