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Good things come to those who wait

No, not a pint of the black stuff – 4 Shark’s reports!  A wealth of talent on-and-off the field if these reports are anything to go by; a myriad of writing styles to complement our skill with bat and ball.  Sit back and enjoy!

JCL1 & 2 Done For The Season

Both JCL 1 and 2 were good, testing competitions for us this year. We played very well on occasion and not so well at other times but both XIs grew in experience and in match sense through the 2017 season which was again, dotted with some great moments of individual skill. Otsukare Sharks!! [Anton]

Rocky Horror Cricket Show? Not here!

**NEW REPORT AVAILABLE** Nothing Rocky or Horrible about the Sharks performance in this lip-smacking, mouth watering tie!  KB author-extraordinare takes us on a tale with the kind of imagery you only find in the movies – Click the link above for the latest installment

Dehydrated Sharks downed by Quashers

*NEW REPORT AVAILABLE* It’s not every day you see a shark out of water, but on this particular occasion we saw 11.  Gasping to catch a breath in 37 degree temperatures, this was certainly a game where the ball did more damage than bat.  Find out more in the latest report section above

Baked to perfection and turning it on a sixpence

*NEW REPORT AVAILABLE*  Rarely do we see a spinner taking the plaudits with such aplomb.  Take a bow Chris Molloy (our very own right-handed Danny Vettori)  with figures I’d die for this season.  Did we win the game?  Read the latest match report to find out…

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