Shizuoka, Shizuoka

Ground Name: Abekawa Cricket Oval (or Abekawa Ryokuchi Youichi Sports Hiroba)

Location: Shizuoka-shi, Aoi-ku, Youichi 4-1-1

Nearest Station: JR Shizuoka

Access: By Taxi

Meeting Point: JR Shinagawa Station (at the top of the stairs leading to Tokaido line)


















Pitch Report: Shizuoka use a Flicx pitch laid out on grass which is normally rolled beforehand. The bounce of the pitch is determined by the state of the ground underneath; it offers good bounce after a long dry spell, otherwise the ball will tend to keep low but the bounce is usually consistent as long as enough rolling has been done.
The Shizuoka players are rightly proud of their outfield. It has excellent natural grass cover and a good even surface. That said, there is a low angled slope on the square boundary on the East side of the ground.
It is a beautiful looking venue and the clocktower and water tank on the East side give it an authentic “cricket ground” feel.  Although it may seem a little small the Shizuoka Kytes have measured it at 113 x 98 metres, so it isn’t really that small at all. [Neil Harrison – Shizuoka Kytes]

Facilities: There is a drinks machine near the ground but best to stock up at the convenience stores and shops in and around the station. If you’ve got time then you might consider spending the night in Shizuoka. It’s a great place, with historical shrines and top grade seafood all over the place.




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