The links below are mainly related to Japanese cricket and link to English websites unless otherwise indicated. These websites do not provide an exhaustive list of cricket-related activities and information in Japan, but are websites that appear to have been recently updated (within the last year) as of February 2014.

Cricket Associations and Related Groups in Japan

Japan Cricket Association
– Official, ICC-affiliated governing body of cricket in Japan

Cricket competitions in Japan

Japan Cricket League (JCL)
– Japanese men’s cricket competition officially sanctioned by ICC and run by the JCA (Japanese website; see JCA English website for English details)
Japan Cup
– Twenty20 tournament run by JCA (Japanese site)

*Other tournaments and competitions are run by the JCA; see the JCA website for details.

Men’s cricket teams in Japan

(Competition affiliations correct as of Mar 2013)

JCL: Japan Cricket League
KCL: Kanto Cricket League

JGC: Japan Gold Cup

Adore CC
– Based in Tokyo (JCL) (also has women’s team) (Japanese site)
Indian Engineers CC
– Based in Tokyo (KCL)
Indian Tigers CC

– Based in Tokyo (KCL)
Max CC
– Based in Tokyo (JCL) (Japanese site)
Paddy Foleys CC

– Based in Tokyo (JCL)
Serendib CC
– Based in Tokyo (JGC)
Tokyo Wombats CC
– Based in Tokyo (JCL)

Youth cricket teams in Japan

Chiba Little Terns International Boys and Girls CC
– Based in Chiba Pref. (group promoting cricket for kids in Chiba) (Japanese site)
IISJ Phoenix CC

– Based in Tokyo (boys cricket team for the India International School in Japan)
Uenomiya CC

– Based in Osaka City, Osaka Pref. (the first junior/senior high school based cricket club in Japan (at Uenomiya Junior/Senior High School) (Japanese site)
Monstars CC
– Based in Togane, Chiba (kids fun cricket team run by Chiba Sharks’ Chris Thurgate) (Japanese Site)
Jinta CC
– Based in Chiba (kids fun cricket team run by friend of the Chiba Sharks, Yumi Ishimoto) (Japanese site)

Other Japan related cricket information

ESPNCricinfo: Japan
– Japan team page on ESPNCricinfo
Wikipedia: Japanese Men’s National Cricket Team

– Japanese national men’s team page on the English version of Wikipedia
Wikipedia: Japanese Women’s National Cricket Team

– Japanese national women’s team page on the English version of Wikipedia

Explanations of Cricket in Japanese

(ICC video dubbed in Japanese on Youtube)


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