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2019 Awards Ceremony - Saturday November 30th

Postponed Until Early 2020

The final event of the season is nearly upon us. This year’s Sharks Awards Ceremony will be taking place on Saturday the 30th of November, You are all invited to bring your nearest and dearest!
There will be drinks, there will be dinner and there will be a quiz, there will be awards and there will be special prizes so save the date for the fun afternoon/evening!

The provisional details of this event are:

When: 30th of November, Saturday 12:30 – 16:30
Where: 55 Way (Upstairs), Kinshicho (Konishi Bld., 4-18-8, Kotobashi)
How Much: 2,500 yen (non-alcohol plan) or 4,000 yen (alcohol plan) (to be confirmed)
What: Includes dinner / drinks / awards / merriment including...

•  Man of the Match Presentations
•  Brief overview of the season from the captains
•  Umpiring Quiz with Prizes
•  Special Awards
•  Main Awards Presentations
•  Closing Speeches etc.

As always, the more people that can attend, the better. Please show availability (showing additional guests) by 23rd of November so that we can prepare properly.

I’ll be there

I’ll be there.

Not sure now but might be with my gf


let you know by 23rd

I will be there.

I plan to attend - I will likely be a bit late though.

🦈 Available  🦈 

I attend.

Will likely go for U19 training - Unsure


Working that day, so can't make it.


KB Available

Ajeet available

Vicky available

Shahan available

CT available

I will be there with my dad.

Sorry, I am unable to attend this event.

Will probably go to U19 trainning; Unsure

Adit is unavailable