Chiba Sharks Cricket Club AGM 2013 Minutes

Date: Saturday, 2 March, 2013

Location: Funabashi

Chair: Dave Lollback

Minutes-taker: Kris Bayne


Full-member attendees:
ave Lollback (Chair), Kris Bayne (Minutes), Anton, Chris Thurgate, Vicky, Sumon, Tommy, Charles, Dave Rear, Chris Molloy, Sagar

Taka, Prashant, Iain, Nick

Non-Member attendees:
Aditya, Mairajan

Full Members requirements for a quorum met. Dave opened the AGM at 10:06.

Dave outlined the Agenda and highlighted points that would need voting on.


Section I: Management Reports

1. Kris (Secretary) outlined the Minutes of the 2012 AGM and these were accepted.

2. Dave gave details of ACM held

– 6 June 2012 mainly dealt with the need to replace Keiichi

– 16 February 2013 dealt with a variety of issues for the new season: 2nd XI, Fees, Reporting/Scoring, Competition targets, Sponsorship

3. Tommy (Treasurer) presented the Accounts for the year

– adjusting for differences uncovered (additional 70,000) from 2012 Sharks hold 278,752 in bank account and cash

– change to dealing with Kashiwa trainings and lower than expected JCL fees account for extra money

– Dave pointed out that while this is a good and healthy position, we need to maintain such a balance in case of emergency but that the club is not looking to create ‘profit’

4. Management Committee’s Annual Report from the Manager

a. New Match Organizer position for match-day contacts worked very well

b. The mid-season changes to Management went smoothly

c. Chiba Cricket. Chiba Cup was a “major success”. Chris Thurgate and Yumi Ishimoto (Chiba JCA) worked tirelessly, Chris missing games to play an active role in development. Further development in Chiba will mean more players to enable us to field a 2nd XI, potentially lower fees and attract sponsors.

d. Relationship with Uenomiya High School in Osaka established. Graduate and Japan Nat. Team player Takada will join Sharks in 2013. Uenomiya High School Principal wants to create a link through a ‘friendly’ game and possibility more players from graduates who move to Tokyo. This recognizes the strength of the club as viewed by outsiders.

e. Winter League was a great success. Close to 30 different players, old and new, attended and played. Many will join Sharks (NOTE: after the AGM the club went on the claim the Title for the second year in a row).

f. Decision to create a 2nd XI was made.

g. Game results for the year

Chiba Cup win; JCL semi-final berth (on the basis of one win…); mixed Japan Cup campaign

– noted that a commitment to playing the Japan Cup necessitates committing to a weekend of finals in October, inc. an overnight stay

– overall, our good is good, our bad is horrid. We need to be more consistently good, especially in batting

h. General. Always fielded 11 and more often 12 players. Very encouraging from the past. We are an established and recognized presence in Chiba. We are seen as reliable and organized. Our Website is THE best.

i. Improvements.

– Communication.         Availability must be stated clearly, exactly and on time as POSTS. If a Post need to change, make a new one, not edit the old. Be on time to contact MO or person in charge – be aware WHO that person is.

– Sponsorship.  We are making progress but need to continue to think of ideas and seek sponsors

– Scoring.         People must learn to score both as a part of a game and for future references.



– What are we looking for in sponsorship?

Current ‘packages’ are: ¥20,000, ¥40,000, ¥50,000. These involve combinations of website banner, clothing logo, naming rights to Chiba Cup

– What is the target in ¥?

More is better so we can lower fees. STRESS that the ¥ numbers are confidential and revisable. Any questions or suggestions or offers should be directed to Anton or an MC member.


Section II: Items for discussion and/or decision 

Chiba Sharks 2nd XI

1. Chiba Sharks – JCL Division 2 Team

a. there will be 2 JCL teams, Div. One 1st XI and Div. 2 2nd XI

b. there will be 1 Japan Cup (T20) team

c. 2nd XI to provide chances and development to junior players, novice players and ‘fringe’ players

d. possibly Div. One games Saturday, Div. Two games Sunday – most likely in Sano

e. besides providing chances a boosted membership will equate to cheaper fee

f. eligibility to play – no internal Shark limitations but some JCA restrictions but considerations:

– within in the same Round of matches (Div 1 Round One and Div. 2 Round One) no more than 3 players can play in both teams

– Shark 12th man rule applies (auto selection for next game IN that Division)

2. Team Selections

a. three ‘pools’ of players

– Pool A – experienced and skilled players, available any day, small group

– Pool B – players between A and B, largest group

– Pool C – developing players (juniors, novice), less experienced, available only Sunday

b. flexibility over the season

c. all players, regardless of ‘pool’ should post their availability (this include NON-availability) for any game, Div One or Div. Two. Selectors will decide on teams and know clearly if we are short

d. Team Make-up Expected

– Div. One = Pool A with Pool B

– Div. Two = Pool C with Pool B

e. Japan Cup (T20)

– emphasis on Pool B players

3. Player/Pool Distribution

– individual players nominate themselves for ‘pools’

– Selectors will look at these nominations in March and advise players of best pool

– pools updated over the season

– transparent process – questions to Selector welcome and expected

4. Team Captains

– Permanent captains for 1st XI Team & 2nd XI Team

–  Japan Cup Captain on a game by game basis

5. Selectors

– Three selectors

– Captains for Div. One Captain, Div. Two Captain & Elected Selector



Can Selectors ‘change’ a player choice?

Yes. They will suggest a revision if they think it better. Pools will be reviewed probably monthly. Best to imagine Pool A as the ‘best’ players and a small group. We do not want the situation where a players goes to Pool C and dominates.

It is difficult for players to judge their pool…

Not only ability but also availability. Need to rely on the judgment and honesty of the Selectors. Of course open to discussion with the Selectors. Need to consider why we have a 2nd XI. Also consider that all new teams enter JCL via Div. 2 so there will be serious cricket played.

Dave asked permission to “Change the Constitution to reflect changes to officer positions (captains) and new management guidelines for two JCL teams”




Progress has been made on sponsors.

1. Kyodai Remittance

– contact via Murad

– largish globally linked company

– Mr. Kabir of Kyodai Remittance met with Anton and Dave L

– Sponsorship verbally agreed on

– Logo, web banner, naming rights to Chiba Cup

– Currently no money but 80-90% sure of favourable result

2. Murad (@Pizza Express Matsudo)

– Murad also keen to sponsor the Sharks

– Name details and other issues to be worked out

3. Bank of India

– via Aditya connection

– looked promising but no possibility of a decision this season

– follow up in 2014

4. Other leads

Vicky (@‘Michael Page’) and Charles (@ ‘buzzerbeater’)

– Sponsorship is very important as more money IN means less of your money OUT so we should continue to come up with ideas on sponsors and things to sponsor.

– 2013 needs a person to take responsibility for Sponsorship – Stressed NOT to find them but to keep pushing us to find them and follow up

– added to the Social coordinator officer duties

Dave asked permission to “Change the Social Coordinator duties to include responsibility for Sponsorship”


Fees in 2013

– Current fees are 20,000 Full Membership

– While we have a healthy bank account we need to be careful to keep it that way.

– Aim is to lower fees as we get sponsors

– Need to take small steps until we are certain

– 2nd team requires more expenditure on JCA fees, balls etc.

– Sports Insurance has risen over the past year with not additional fees asked of players

– Decision to lower 2013 fees to 18,000

– Other fees to be altered after discussion by MC

Dave asked permission to “Lower fees for Full Membership to 18,000”


 Match Availability

– Need to post availability by MONDAY 12:00 midday.

– A note on this will accompany each match notice but players must stick to it or miss out on being available.

Section III: 2012 Officers

2013 Officers (Voted in)

Position Member (2013)
Manager: Dave Lollback
Secretary: Kris Bayne
Treasurer: Mineyuki Tomiyama
1st XI Captain: Varun Sancheti
2nd XI Captain: Chris Thurgate
Elected Selector: Anton Lloyd-Williams
Chiba Development Chris Thurgate
Social Coordinator: Aditya Tallapragada
Webmaster: Anton Lloyd-Williams
Skills Advisor: Charles Steinherdt
Scorer: Varun Sancheti
Reporter: Kris Bayne
Kit Steward: Aditya Tallapragada

Management Committee (Vote in)

2013: Dave Lollback (Manager), Kris Bayne (Secretary), Anton-Lloyd Williams, Chris Thurgate, Aditya Tallapragada

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