Chiba Sharks 2012 AGM Minutes

Chiba Sharks AGM
Funabashi, Feb 27, 2012
Chair: Dave Lollback
Minutes-taker: Kris Bayne

In attendance:

Full Members – Dave Lollback (Chair), Kris Bayne (Minutes), Anton, Chris Thurgate, Vicky, Richard, Sumon, Tommy, Koji, Keiichi, Charles


Pat, Taka, Dave Rear, Prashant, Kamal, Iain, Nick

11 Full Members in attendance, meeting the requirements for a quorum.

Meeting opened by Dave L at 10:02. Welcomed the attending members and outlined the schedule for the AGM;

Section I: Management Reports (5 Items)
Section II: Agenda Items for discussion (8 Items)
Section III: Election of 2012 Officers & Committees (2 items)


Section I: Management Reports

1. 2011 AGM Minutes

Minutes of previous 2011 Chiba Sharks (hereafter – the club) AGM confirmed by Kris and accepted by Dave.

2. ACM

Details of ACM given by Dave.

3. Accounts (Koji)

Koji (as Treasurer) summarized the club accounts for the 2011 Season.

i) At the start of the 2011 season the club’s funds stood at ¥193,175 and as of Feb, 25th 2012, the club’s funds stood at ¥144,153*. The loss over the year was accounted by:

a) JCA fees doubled due to the expansion of the matches played
b) ¥27,000 in subsidies paid for the monthly Kashiwa next practice
c) caps and uniform outlay
d) outstanding ¥57,000 that was in dispute with JCA was paid by the club
e) purchase of 12 new indoor cricket balls @ ¥18,300

It was pointed out that c) and d) were ‘one-off’ payments and depending on a decision today, b) may also be so.

ii) Koji also explained that a ‘Chiba Sharks’ account had been opened at Mizuho Bank. To close the account, or to handover the Treasurer’s responsibility, it will require the IDs of out-going Treasurer and in-coming Treasurer to change.

iii) Koji had some recommendations to consider in the future.

a) the club reconsider the ‘block’ membership as no income was derived from it
b) sponsorship is essential or the club may require JCL assistance
c) players must be much more punctual with paying fees/expense, specifically using furikomi

Kris reminded the meeting that we did not pay the outlay of ¥20,000 on outdoor balls in 2011 that will be required in 2012. Anton suggested that we make a clear and itemized (with a rough percentage?) breakdown of what our standard outlays are and what a player’s fees go towards.

*NOTE: this figure has been amended to ¥138,123 after the inclusion of indoor balls cost.

4. Management Committee Annual Report (Dave)

Dave Lollback explained a few features of the club’s 2011 season:

i) the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of 2011 affected the club and cricket in Japan with cancelled games and subsequently some clubs facing difficulties with declining membership. He did mention, however, that the club on all but one occasion fielded a full XI and 12th man.

ii) new uniforms were decided and purchased and Dave thanked all those involved in the process, especially Keiichi.

iii) ties with JCA Chiba were strengthened, especially through Ishimoto-san and the hard work of Chris Thurgate. Dave stressed that we are CHIBA Sharks and we need to put effort into further developing contacts and practice.

iv) on the field we had a ‘middling’ season, reaching but losing the JCL Grand Final after a slow start and benefiting from forfeits. He noted there was a ‘big gap’ between and best and worse performances. For the 2012 season he made two points, a) that for the Japan Cup the club and individual players need to commit to a weekend of cricket if we make the finals, and b) there is a cash prize of ¥50,000 to the Japan Cup Winner (he added that although the JCL League is probably better quality cricket, the Japan Cup is maybe higher on the JCA ‘agenda’)

v) as a club we turned out good numbers of players, we looked a cricket team in our new uniforms, we fulfilled our umpiring duties, often beyond our requirements, we (largely due to Anton) continued to have the premier cricket website in Japan, and that people respect the club for it’s all-round professionalism

Dave concluded the MC Reports by identifying a number of issues for the future:

a) there must be better communication with the Manager – responding to emails quickly, responding clearer about the topic, using the website sign-up rather than personal emailing.

b) members must be pro-active about any problems and especially about keeping to meeting times for games and events. This means contacting the Manager OR the correct person as soon as possible if there is a problem.

c) Finding sponsorship is a priority in 2012. We must do this to continue the health of the club. We cannot rely only on membership fees.

5. JCL & Japan Cup Meeting (Chris Thurgate)

Dave and Chris T are members of the JCL Committee. A meeting was held in late February and confirmed the following:

i) there will be no additions to teams in 2012. There is some doubt about the viability of Paddy Foley’s

ii) the competitions will be the same, JCL and Japan Cup, played at the Fuji and Sano venues

iii) Japan Cup finals will be played over a long weekend in October in Sano. Dave stressed that if we make it to the finals we MUST attend and that we will be subsidized by the JCA

iv) Fees will be ¥146,550 – JCL ¥106,300 & Japan Cup ¥40,250.

Chris gave notice that the JCA will be requesting clubs to do the ‘Health Check’, which assesses the strength and weaknesses of a club. We did this last year and showed ourselves to be a very ‘healthy’ club if not the most organized cricketing body in Japan.

Section II: Discussion/Voting Items

 1. New Uniform (Anton)

Anton quickly outlined the process of getting our new kit and thanked Keiichi and Chris Thurgate for their efforts. No complaints were made about the uniform. Anton and also Keiichi reminded and confirmed that:

i) the logo does have a one-time replacement – no limit on when
ii) to maintain its quality, the shirt is best washed a) inside-out b) in a ‘net’
iii) orders can be made even for one item
iv) extra caps can be ordered – players should contact Keiichi

2. 2012 Participation – KCL (Kanto Cricket League) and JCL/JC (Dave)

Dave briefly summarized what the KCL is, our history with it, and the state of the competition over 2011 (teams, grounds, aftermath of disasters, abandonment of records). He informed the meeting that KCL had met and provided us with Minutes of their meeting. We did not attend. We have been invited to join for 2012 and fees would be ¥25,000 including balls. Dave and Kris (as last Manager to deal with KCL) pointed out that although KCL shows a desire to ‘reform’ the issues of infighting, poor organization, haphazard game scheduling may yet to be resolved and we would wise to see how the competition is run before we commit to anything. Also, we would be hard-pressed to play JCL/JCA and KCL.

It was recommended we play in the Japan Cricket League (JCL) and Japan Cup competitions in 2012.

A vote was taken on the following proposals:

‘No, we do not play KCL.’ 11 ‘Yes’

‘Yes, we play JCL and Japan Cup.’ 11 ‘Yes’

It was unanimous that we do not play KCL in 2012. It was unanimous that we do play JCL and Japan Cup 2012.

3. Sponsorship (Dave)

Dave gave a brief summary of the club’s movements on sponsorship to date and that the 2011 earthquake and subsequent disasters and hardship ended our direct attempts to find sponsors. He stressed the need to restart our search with much more intent, organization, vision and energy, and that this is the most important target for 2012 and beyond. He suggested that we need a ‘coordinator’ to oversee this. Although not an elected official a ‘Sponsorship Coordinator’ would:

i) need to delegate tasks to the club members
ii) need to get support from the club members

All members are urged to think of ideas or ways to help and pass them on to the ‘Sponsorship Coordinator’. Keiichi agreed to take up this role. Anton suggested that rather than a PowerPoint display, a simple hard-copy brochure be created and a model was presented. Dave again stressed that everyone can and should try to be involved as this is a club issue.

4. Match Organiser (Anton)

The Management Committee had discussed ways to make the Manager position easier for at present the Manager seems to do many, many jobs and that members are too reliant on that person. A big part of the role is on match day. The MC decided to introduce and trial a Match Organiser role (handout of details available).

5. Chiba Sharks 2nd XI (Chris Thurgate)

Chris reiterated our aim of a 2nd XI. He identified the 2012 season as a chance to begin concrete moves to create this team with the view to fielding a 2nd XI in JCL Division 2 in 2013. The composition of the team would include current/new Shark members, university players, and junior cricketers from the Chiba area. An aim in 2012 is to play practice/friendly matches, probably against university teams (KCL involvement was discussed but it was pointed out the level would be far too high and we have other issues with KCL). Training at Hamano and the involvement of Ishimoto-san of JCA Chiba is part of the plan. Chris stressed the need for careful planning by MC.

6. Training & Fees

A second indoor training facility at Hamano, Chiba, will be used in 2012. We will use this jointly with My-Ys junior cricket team.

The club subsidy for training (¥30,000 in 2011) was discussed and it was proposed that we do away with it and instead require a flat charge of ¥1,000 from each player attending. Any excess money after costs will go to the club kitty, any shortfall would be paid for by the club, but dealt with by a senior player/Skills Advisor in attendance. Through discussion it was decided to offer a ‘concession’ charge of ¥500 to players at senior high school and under.

A vote was taken on the following proposals:

‘We do away with the club subsidy as implemented in 2011.’ 11 ‘Yes’

‘We require a set charge (¥500 or ¥1,000) for each player.’ 11 ‘Yes’

It was unanimous that we do away with the club subsidy. It was unanimous that we require a set charge.

7. Membership Fees (Dave)

Our current Membership Fees are

¥20,000 Full membership
¥15,000 Concession
¥2,000 Non-playing

Though it is hoped sponsorship can bring these down in the future but a vote was taken on the following proposal:

‘We maintain the current fees system for 2012’. 11 ‘Yes’

It was unanimous that we maintain the current fees system.

8. Player responsibility Regarding Availability (Dave)

Dave strongly requested that

i) players/members respond to ALL requests on availability for events and ESPECIALLY games. A response is needed for both YES and NO availability

ii) all responses should be ON TIME to help in selection and other administrative requirements

iii) responses CLEARLY show the item which you are responding to as sometimes there are multiple items

Dave reminded us that this is very important for the smooth running of the club.

Section III: 2012 Officers

1. Elect Officers (Vote)

The 11 Full Members present elected the following officers for 2012:

Manager: Dave Lollback (P. Dave, 2nd Kris) – Elected without opposition

Secretary: Kris Bayne (P. Dave, 2nd Anton) – Elected without opposition

Treasurer: Mineyuki Tomyama (P. Dave, 2nd Koji) – Elected without opposition

Captain: Keiichi Warabi (P. Dave, 2nd Chris T) – Elected without opposition

Vice Captain: Chris Thurgate (P. Kris B, 2nd Dave) – Elected by secret ballot

Elected Selector 1: Anton Lloyd-Williams (P. Dave, 2nd Richard) – Elected without opposition

Elected Selector 2: Kris Bayne (P. Dave, 2nd Vicky) – Elected without opposition

Chiba Development: Chris Thurgate (P. Kris B, 2nd Dave) – Elected without opposition

Social Coordinator: Keiichi Warabi (P. Keiichi, 2nd Charles) – Elected without opposition

Webmaster: Anton Lloyd-Williams (P. Dave, 2nd Keiichi) – Elected without opposition

Reporter: Kris Bayne (P. Dave, 2nd Anton) – Elected without opposition

Skills Advisor: Kris Bayne (P. Charles, 2nd Anton) – Elected by secret ballot

Scorer: Kris Bayne (P. Dave, 2nd Anton) – Elected without opposition

Kit Steward: Sagar Waghunde (P. Dave, 2nd Charles) – Elected without opposition


2. Elect Management Committee (Vote)

The following were proposed for the four members of the Management Committee in addition to the Manager (Dave Lollback):

Kris Bayne, Anton Lloyd-Williams, Keiichi Warabi, Chris Thurgate

All were elected without opposition.

Dave thanked everyone for coming. Proceedings closed at 12:00 p.m.продвижеие сайтараскрутка seoпоисковое продвижение рекламапрограмма для взлома вай файсанаторий аквалоокак подать онлайн заявку на кредитную картуamerican casino online gamesdubai tantra massagemerit crystal cove & casinoBlackjack strategy chartкилиманджаро маршрут марангузанятия ушу марьино