Tanuma, Tochigi

Ground Name: Tanuma High School

Location: Tochigi ken, Sano shi, Tochimoto cho, 300-1 (Tel: 0283 628404) 

Nearest Station: Tanuma (on the Tobu Sano line from Tatebayashi)

Access: A 4 minute taxi ride or a 15 minute walk from the station.

Meeting Point: Tanuma Station exit


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Pitch Report: The ground and its surroundings are very picturesque. Opened in 2013, Tanuma cricket pitch was laid in the middle of the old high school baseball pitch, meaning the outfield is nice and flat and pretty quick when dry. The pitch is carpet laid on concrete but seems to generate a lot more bounce than comparable pitches at Sano so tall seam bowlers will be a real handful. Spinners can expect as much turn here as at Sano. i.e. not a great amount. Batsmen need to be careful as sometimes the ball can seem to stick in the pitch meaning shots should be played as late as possible. C&B is not an uncommon dismissal here. Real patience is required to play yourself in. Tanuma is also one of the biggest grounds in Japan and the big boundaries mean that there are no cheap 4s and 6s on offer here so don’t expect to rack up flamboyant scores. [Anton]

Facilities: There is a shed next to the ground which contains all of the stumps and tents. There are also 4 portaloos and a giant sink with running water. Choices are very limited at Tanuma Station where you’ll find a couple of drinks machines and a small shed full of sleeping taxi drivers, but for gourmands, there is a full on 7/11 halfway between the station and the ground.




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