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JCA Umpiring Courses - 09 March 2019

The annual JCA Umpiring courses will be held in Hirakawacho, Tokyo on Saturday March 9th. We need at least 4 Sharks to attend.


There are two courses. We only need attend one:

The JCA Level 1 umpiring course (11:00-13:00) is aimed at umpires who will be umpiring official junior, university and women's league matches.
The JCA Level 2 umpiring course (14:00-16:00) is aimed at umpires who will be umpiring JCL and Japan Cup matches.
Japan's ICC umpire AND CHIBA SHARK Chris Thurgate will be running the courses. It will be held in Hirakawacho (downtown Tokyo).All Shark umpiring duties are Level 2. You can attend both seminars if you want to. We will lose points (and face) if we do not get at least 4 Sharks at these meetings. This is a good chance to learn about umpiring. We would like to see some new faces attending. Sign up below please.

Unavailable due to exams.

Unavailable - work.





I'm organising the course so will be there as usual.

Unlikely to be able to attend. Might be able to swing something if we’re desperate.

Really hope to see more replies in this thread though.


Unavailable - training at Maribyrnong Sports Academy in Melbourne

Available if needed to make numbers. (I have been to the course before so prefer to not go if possible)

KB, Vipin, CT and Doogs make 4 of us?

I can step in if still required.




I’ve attended couple times too, but it’s always good to fresh your mind before the season starts.


Available on 9th. I would like to join.