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Japan Cup National Finals - 6, 7 & 8 Oct, 2018

We turned our Japan Cup season around and made it all the way to the Grand Final. Before that is played however, we are invited to take part in the National Finals up in Sano City on the long weekend on the 6th, 7th and 8th of October (Sat, Sun, Mon)

All Sharks who played in our Japan Cup side are eligible. You don't need to play for all 3 days although if you can that would be great. If you are available on two or more days then you might think about staying in Sano City overnight as many players do. It's best to book a room quickly though as they do fill up over the Japan Cup weekend.

Here's the schedule

Saturday, October 6
Morning matches (round 1): 10:00-13:00
Afternoon matches (round 2): 13:40-16:40
Welcoming function (compulsory): 19:00-20:30

Sunday, October 7
Morning matches (round 3): 9:30-12:30
Afternoon matches (round 4): 13:20-16:20

Monday, October 8
Morning matches (round 5): 9:00-12:00
Final: 12:40-15:40
Closing Ceremony: 15:45-16:00

As a general rule, if you are available on the Saturday or Sunday then you'll play at least one match per day, probably two. The Selectors will try to pick the best players for Monday, should we get that far although in reality, given our limited player numbers in the Japan Cup this year, my guess is that anyone available will play whatever they are available for. Please indicate below your likely availability in this format;

Saturday: Available / Unavailable / Not sure

Sunday: Available / Unavailable / Not sure

Monday: Available / Unavailable / Not Sure

Sign up will close Mon 1st Oct 17:00

Saturday: Available

Sunday: Available

Monday:  Unavailable (work)

(Available Sat or Sun but not both)

Saturday: Available (Morning & Afternoon)

Sunday: Unavailable

Monday: Unavailable

Saturday: Available

Sunday: Available

Monday: Available

Not sure of my availability because of my ankle injury. Will update closer to the date.

Saturday: Unavailable

Sunday: Unavailable

Monday: Unavailable

Saturday:  unAvailable

Sunday: Available

Monday:  available

Saturday: 🦈 Available  🦈

Sunday: 🦈 Available🦈

Monday: 🦈 Available🦈

Saturday: Available

Sunday: Available

Monday: Not sure


Sorry, ineligible I think

Saturday: Available (if eligible  - I haven't played any Japan Cup games so far this season)

Sunday: Available if eligible

Monday: Unavailable - work

Saturday: Available

Sunday: Available

Monday: Available

Saturday: Available

Sunday: Available

Monday: Available

Saturday: Available

sunday: Available

Monday: Not sure, I need permission from my university


Available saturday and Monday


Available for the entire weekend

Saturday: unavailable

Sunday: unavailable

Monday: unavailable

Saturday: Available

Sunday: Unavailable

Monday:  Unavailable