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JCA Umpiring Courses - 10 March 2018

The JCA will be running two umpiring courses on Saturday March 10th in Tokyo. Japan's ICC umpire Chris Thurgate will actually be running the courses so expect a quality afternoon.

The JCA Level 1 umpiring course (11:00-13:00) is aimed at umpires who will be umpiring official junior, university and women's league matches.

The JCA Level 2 umpiring course (14:00-16:00) is aimed at umpires who will be umpiring JCL and Japan Cup matches.
JCL clubs must send at least 4 club members or points deductions will apply! Everyone is welcome to attend either or both courses.

Venue: Hello Meeting Room Hanzomon
Hirakawacho 1-2-2, Asahi Building, 5th floor

Hanzomon station (Hanzomon line) Exit 1 (1 min walk)
Kojimachi station (Yurakucho line) Exit 1 (4 min walk)

Times: Level 1, 11:00-13:00.
Level 2, 14:00-16:00.
Cost: free for participants

Please show your availability/unavailability below:

Unfortunately I'll be in France. Can't go.

I'm up for this.


Unlikely to attend at this stage. Sorry.

Not available

Now unavailable - daughter's graduation.


Unavailable; I have the SAT on the same day. Can possibly make the second session (14:00 to 16:00) if absolutely required.


I'll be there. Get involved, Sharks!

Sorry, unavailable.

Out of Tokyo.




Also up for this one.  Based on last year's umpiring performance I either need some new glasses of some skills.

Let's try the skills first...