Chiba Sharks 2011 AGM Minutes

Chiba Sharks AGM

Funabashi Chuo Kominkan, Feb 27th 2011

In attendance:

Full Members – Kris (Chair), Anton (Minutes) Chris T, Nick, Anshul, Iain, Vicky, Nikhil, Navin, Dave

Non-Full / New Members – Richard, Koji, Shafi


Levi, Ankit, Pat, Taka, Charles, Dave R, Gurjinder, Kazu, Prashant, Kamal, Ashiq, Alexis

10 Full Members in attendance, meeting the requirements for a quorum.

1. Meeting opened by Kris at 09:30. Kris welcomed the new members (Richard and Shafi) and outlined the schedule for the AGM;


 Management Reports:

2.Minutes of previous AGM confirmed by Kris and accepted by Anton. Minutes of ACM (Nov. 14th, 2010) confirmed by Kris and accepted by Anton.

3. Nikhil (as Treasurer) summarized the Chiba Sharks (hereafter – the club) accounts for the 2010 Season. At the start of the season (Mar 7th, 2010) the club’s funds stood at ¥100,425. As of Feb, 27th 2011, the club’s funds stood at ¥193,175. Nikhil noted that the club still had to pay ¥20,500 for 2010 match balls and a disputed amount of ¥32,000 to the JCA for 2009 player registration. The sum was disputed because there was uncertainty over whether it had already been paid or not. Chris opined that the ¥32,000 should not be paid until this uncertainty had been resolved, noting that the JCA’s accounts were regularly in disarray. Dave stated that if the club could not offer any evidence of payment (bank statements or transfer receipts) then the onus was on the club to pay. The matter was left with the Management Committee (Hereafter – MC) to take forward.

Nikhil detailed the main outgoings: ¥106,105 for JCL fees, ¥40,000 for KCL fees, ¥30,000 for Insurance, ¥6,500 for balls and stumps, ¥6,700 for Togane ground fees.

Discussion then moved to any further expenses that the club might need to cover. Chris required ¥5000 for Togane bus fees. Continuing with the Chiba Cup, Dave stated that the cost of transporting the Flicx pitch from the JCA Office to Togane, which the club had expected to cover, would instead be covered by the JCA. As to covering the cost of the return of the pitch, possibly required in Fuji the following week, there was no clear answer. Chris’ hunch was that the JCA would like to keep the pitch in Chiba as no concrete requests for its return and subsequent transportation fees had been communicated to him. Nikhil stated that if all outstanding debts were paid then the club’s balance would be in the region of ¥130,000.

4. Kris gave details of the recent JCA meeting. The number of JCL games would be doubled for the new season with each team playing each other twice, meaning the club could look forward to potentially 10 JCL matches. In addition the MC had decided to enter the Japan Cup consisting of six 20Twenty matches. As a result of these extra games, JCA fees for the new season were expected to be ¥129,300.

Kris also mentioned a few other decisions that the JCA had taken; A Powerplay rule would be in force for the new season and any ball down the leg side would be considered a Wide delivery. Dress codes would also be more strictly enforced with poorly turned out teams docked points. The Premier league would also continue.

As far as the club’s JCL matches were concerned, Kris stated that the club can expect to play a good percentage of them in faraway Fuji. Chris tempered this with news that the JCA were planning to create an extra two pitches in Sano, by May, raising the possibility that some of the club’s Fuji matches could be moved to the more accessible Sano grounds.

5. Discussion then turned to whether or not the club should enter the KCL competition. Chris stated that he had heard nothing but tales of infighting from the KCL and recommended that we not enter a team for the league. Kris agreed, stating that the lack of any coherent communication or schedule from the KCL, added to the fact that our JCL schedule would be doubled, meant that playing KCL would be more trouble than it was worth. While agreeing with the above in principle, Dave reminded the assembled that the KCL offered playing opportunities for those members who were more likely to be overlooked for the JCL matches. In this light, selection policy would need to be altered so that all paying members played a fair number of matches. Kris offered the possibility of organizing a friendly series with YC&AC at YC&AC to ease some of these concerns. Chris confirmed that the likelihood of such a series was good as Kamran of YC&AC had offered such matches in the past, but the club’s packed JCL/KCL schedule had made them impossible. As a result of these discussions, three proposals were made and decided on by open vote:              

Should the club play KCL in 2011?” (P. Kris, 2nd Dave) – “Yes” > 2, “No” > 8

Do the members permit the MC to discuss and alter the constitution regarding selection policy” (P. Dave, 2nd Nick) – “Yes” > 10

Should Kris try to organize matches with Kamran from YC&AC?(P. Kris, 2nd Dave) – “Yes” > 10

 Agenda Items for Discussion:

6. KCL player limit for Chiba Sharks (Kris)

Kris noted that the influx of KCL players into match day Chiba Sharks sides had caused some concern amongst members. At the ACM, the MC had decided to limit the number of Sharks players registered for other teams in the KCL to 4 in the squad and 3 in the starting 12. Nick raised the question of whether that number included Sharks players who went and joined a KCL team. Dave clarified the stance by stating that the rule referred to players coming into the Sharks from KCL teams. Anton asked if this ruling fell by the wayside when the club could not provide sufficient players and Kris confirmed that it did. Vicky stated that this had arisen due to regular club players being left out of matches in favour of more skilled KCL players. Regardless, the exact ruling and implementation was generally felt to be unclear leading to another proposal:

 ” Can the MC discuss and clarify the KCL Player limit ruling?” (P. Nick, 2nd Dave) – “Yes” > 10

7. New club uniforms (Dave)

Kris opened this discussion by reminding everyone that the JCL will start penalizing poorly turned out teams. This concern would be avoided with the implementation of a standard team kit – namely, team shirts and caps. The MC had decided in the ACM to require all club players to wear the club shirt, caps being optional.

Dave detailed the enquiries that he had made with Kingsgrove Sports Centre in Australia and passed around a possible design on paper. Dave confirmed the quality of the shirts available and gave prices of approximately ¥2,900 per shirt (including embroidered logos) and ¥1000 per cap, plus ¥8,200 for delivery. Delivery time would be 2 months.

Chris offered an alternative in the shape of a contact in Indonesia. Again, an example on paper was shown. An order of 100 shirts (50 match day whites and 50 traveling/training greens) and 50 caps were priced at approximately ¥900 per shirt (without logo?) and ¥300 per cap. Delivery charges were not known. The quality of the garments could not be confirmed but Chris said that he would obtain a sample. It was roundly agreed that the quality of the garments should be paramount as the club had “gone cheap” with shirts and caps in the past and ended up with shoddy kit unfit for play. Chris also requested that players should buy their own shirts rather than include them in membership fees. This would avoid members paying for new shirts every year. Kris added that the club would need to keep a small number of shirts for “club use”, to be used by new players or ring-ins who do not own a shirt. Of the two shirt designs on view, Dave’s Kingsgrove design was considered the better. Chris agreed to ask his contact to make a sample of the Kingsgrove design. Two proposals arose from the discussion:

 ” The MC should decide which kit option to go for” (P. Chris, 2nd Dave) – “Yes” > 10

The cost of the shirts should be separate from the Membership Fees” (P. Chris, 2nd Nick) – “Yes” > 10

8. 12th Man rule and duties. (Kris)

Kris stated that the MC had decided to redefine the rules and procedures for the position of 12th man as the current status of the role is unfair with a small minority of players shouldering all of the 12th man duties. He opined that the importance of the position needed to be confirmed. In addition, it was stated that any player selected for and fulfilling the role of 12th man would be an automatic selection for the next game that he was available for and that this right can ‘roll over’ into the next season. If that game were rained off then the club would consider itself to have discharged its obligations to the 12th man (i.e. tough luck!). This rule would not be applicable if the next game was a quarter/semi/grand final. In these cases the squad would still be picked according to the guidelines stated in the Constitution. A proposal was made:

 ” The MC should alter the constitution to reflect the new rules regarding 12th man” (P. Kris, 2nd Dave) – “Yes” > 10

9. Subsidizing Team Practice (Kris)

Kris outlined the club’s relationship with the indoor arena in Kashiwa, namely the fact that we get half price court rental fees in return for booking the court once a month for twelve months. The arena charges ¥9350 for three hours and those attending training divide this charge equally among themselves. He went on to state that the MC has decided that the club should subsidize training sessions to the tune of ¥3000 per three-hour session.

This would amount to ¥36,000 over a year to be paid to the arena in twice-yearly installments of ¥18,000. The reason for this had been the low attendance of players at a number of sessions meaning that those players who did turn up were effectively being financially penalized for doing so.

Chris questioned the need to get “locked into” such an arrangement and expressed doubt as to the veracity of the “half price” deal that the club currently get. He stated his preference for practice games at Koiwa instead or another indoor possibility in Urayasu. Anton countered that Kashiwa was convenient as all the equipment the club needed was there and it was weatherproof. He also mentioned that the idea of Koiwa practice sessions had been suggested before but not a single game had ever come of it. Dave requested that players attending training should be required to pay no more that ¥1500. Thus, if less then 4 players attend training then the club picks up the shortfall in addition to the subsidy. Dave concluded that while Kashiwa is far from perfect, it is the best option so far. Kris added that we should not ignore the value of ‘goodwill’ toward Action Sports who run the nets, and he also pointed out being able to invite potential new players or players from other teams, e.g. university, to confirmed and guaranteed practices at that location was very important.

There were two proposals associated with this discussion:

 ” The club should subsidize training sessions by ¥3000” (P. Kris, 2nd Dave) – “Yes” > 9, “No” > 1

A player attending training should pay no more than ¥1500, the club to cover any shortfall” (P. Dave, 2nd Anton) –  “Yes” > 7, “Abs” > 3

10. Chiba Cup (Taka)

Dave gave details of a missive sent by Taka that stated that the club needed to renew its backing from the Togane Board of Education to run the Chiba Cup. By doing so the club could pick dates to hire the Togane ground rather than go into an availability lottery. Nikhil revealed that although the club had initially budgeted ¥71,290 for the event, in reality, expenses had come to just ¥21,200 as transportation fees had been unnecessary.

Dave went on to detail good points about the event (good local support and interest from local media) as well as bad points (finding an opponent and difficulties with the Flicx pitch). He finished by saying that the next Chiba Cup would most likely be played in November. The original idea of playing in March was now unfeasible, as the necessary organization had not been done.

11. Sponsorship (Dave)

Dave related Anton’s efforts to contact The Barge Inn regarding sponsorship of the club and Kris’ subsequent Email to them offering a website banner for ¥10,000 and Shirt Sponsorship for ¥50,000. He bemoaned the fact that The Barge Inn had failed to thus far respond, meaning that they most likely had no interest in sponsoring the club. Nonetheless, he added that the whole experience had been a useful first step on the slope to obtaining some form of sponsorship. He went on to say that Pat had been given responsibility to find possible sponsors and that Pat had a contact in event planning who could help. Nothing had come of this as yet.

Kris pointed out the Goanna’s Aussie Rules side had numerous sponsored banners on their website, mainly from local firms with a substantial foreign resident clientele. He requested the members to think of any such companies that the club could approach in a similar vein. Anshul offered his assistance with numerous contacts among NPO’s but insisted that a definite proposal was required before any action could be taken. Chris echoed the need for a concrete proposal and stated that ¥10,000 for a website banner sounded right. It was decided that the MC would continue its efforts in this field.

12. Chiba Development Officer Status (Kris)

Kris requested that Taka’s role as Chiba Development Officer be upgraded to full officer status in light of the hard work put in for the Chiba Cup. A proposal was made:

 “Chiba Development Officer should be a full officer position” (P. Kris, 2nd Dave) – “Yes” > 10

13. New “Most Improved Player” Award (Anton)

Anton noted that the club recognizes and rewards outstanding ability in its end of year Awards Ceremony and rightly so. However, to better represent the make up of the club and its spectrum of abilities, a new award should be established for Most Improved Player. Dave queried who should decide the award and it was agreed that the Selectors and Skills Advisor should do so. A proposal was made:

” A Most Improved Player Award should be established, to be decided by the Selectors and the Skills Advisor” (P. Kris, 2nd Dave) – “Yes” > 10

14. Fee Collection (Kris)

Kris requested that all membership fees should be paid as soon as possible. In addition, he stated the need for the Treasurer to appoint deputies in order to collect match fees and umpire fees when he himself was not part of the match day 12. Assistance was requested from the members in this regard.

Election of 2011 Chiba Sharks cricket Club Officers & Committees:

15: The 10 Full Members present elected the following officers:


Man(a)ger: Dave (P. Dave, 2nd Kris) – Elected without opposition

Secretary: Kris (P. Kris, 2nd Iain) – Elected without opposition

Treasurer: Koji (P. Kris, 2nd Chris) – Elected without opposition

Captain: Pat (P. Pat (Pr), 2nd Dave) – Elected without opposition

Vice Captain: Chris (P. Dave, 2nd Nikhil) – Elected without opposition

Elected Selector 1: Vicky (P. Dave, 2nd Anton) – Elected without opposition

Elected Selector 2: Kris (P. Dave, 2nd Vicky) – Elected without opposition

Chiba Development: Taka (P. Taka (Pr), 2nd Iain) – Elected without opposition

Social Coordinator: Chris (P. Dave, 2nd Vicky) – Elected without opposition

Webmaster: Anton (P. Kris, 2nd Nick) – Elected without opposition

Reporter: Kris (P. Dave, 2nd Anton) – Elected without opposition

Skills Advisor: Dave (P. Nick, 2nd Kris) – Open Vote incl Pat (P. Pat (Pr), 2nd Dave)

Scorer: Navin (P. Nikhil, 2nd Nick) – Elected without opposition

Kit Steward: Anton (P. Anton, 2nd Vicky) – Elected without opposition

16: The following were proposed for the four members of the Management Committee in addition to the Manager:

Kris (P. Nick, 2nd Dave), Vicky (P. Anshul, 2nd Anton), Anton (P. Dave, 2nd Vicky), Taka (P. Taka (Pr), 2nd Dave) and Chris (P. Dave, 2nd Kris).

A secret ballot was held among the 10 Full Members whereby it was decided that the MC for 2011 will be:

Dave (As Manager), Kris, Vicky, Anton, Chris

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