2011 Reports

Reports from the 2011 Season

Dec, 2011 – Sharks Keep Their Heads But Lose Their Wickets

Nov, 2011 – Sano Beat Sharks To Romp To 2011 Crown

Oct, 2011 – Chiba Cup Defies Elements And Expectations

Oct, 2011 – Wyverns Wings Clipped In Fuji Thriller

Sep, 2011 – Sano Feast On Toasted, Roasted Shark

Aug, 2011 – Amphibians and Banana Skins Overcome in Fuji

Aug, 2011 – Sharks Defeat Max & Sano in Steamy T20s

Aug, 2011 – Sharks Forget To Win… and Other Things, Against Paddy Foley’s

Jul, 2011 – Big Hits And Busted Mitts In Dramatic Battle Of Sano

Jun, 2011 – Insane In Sano

May, 2011 – Not Much to Admire About Loss to Adore

May, 2011 – Double Trouble Bursts Sharks Bubble

Mar, 2011 – Sharks Right Royally Bangalored in 2011 ICGF

Mar, 2011 – 2011 Indoor Quarter and Semi Finals Reports

Feb, 2011 – No Pot of Gold at the End Against Rainbow

Feb, 2011 – Toothless Sharks Show Plenty Of Bite In The End

Jan, 2011 – Sharks Lower Their Colours to Bangalore Royals And Everyone Else

Jan, 2011 – Wyverns Downed By Hungry Sharks

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