2011 Mid-Year Management Committee Meeting


Location: Lollback Towers, Funabashi

Time: 12:10 – 14:00

Date: June 18, 2011


Dave Lollback

Kris Bayne

Varun Sancheti

Anton Lloyd-Williams

Keiichi Warabi (as guest)


Chris Thurgate

Item 1: Financial Status

Dave outlined the current balance and outstanding monies.

Outgoing monies are:

We do not need to pay ball fees in 2011 as we have a stock from 2010.

Incoming monies are:

Dave pointed out that the exact amount of some JCL-related fees were still to be confirmed. With all outgoing and incoming moniess we are likely to be left with a balance of approx JPY135,000.

Item 2: Past Money Owed to JCL

MC decided to pay the amount of JPY52,500, which has been in dispute between Chiba Sharks and the JCL for the past few seasons. It was decided we have done all we can to find hard evidence and are unable to conclusively say ‘we paid’. To end this we will pay. MC recognised the help of members over the process (Marcus, Chris, Kris, Dave) and especially well done to Treasurer Koji for his efforts to follow all avenues and lonely streets.

Item 3: Team Numbers/Recruitment Status

We decided to maintain the Metropolis advertisement. It was explained that Keiichi had directed a number of players, who had contacted the now-defunct Predators, to the Sharks. Dave explained how we have encouraged players from other clubs to attend our practice, both for better relations and maybe future players.

On player numbers, the MC discussed and decided that (i) a specific recruitment target is not necessary but that if membership reaches 25 playing members then we may need to rethink the issue, and (ii) no limit should be set a membership numbers as short- and long-term situations can change very quickly. We also agreed that we need to make it very clear to all players, especially new, that (i) not everyone can play every game (ii) selection is not solely on ability (iii) we have clear selection policies in the Constitution by which selectors do their best to share games around and (iv) all players need to understand and be aware of this. On the overall topic we reconfirmed that our future goal is to establish two Sharks teams, one in each division, and that a deep player base is therefore required.

Item 4: Sponsorship

We discussed the situation of our sponsorship drive, which has been mostly on hold since the 3/11 earthquake. We discussed our strongest lead, the Barge Inn pub in Narita. It was decided that although we are unlikely able to keep a regular attendance there and that we should not promise what we cannot deliver, we would follow up the connection for experience and out of courtesy.

We discussed both the need to articulate a ‘sponsorship target’ (who and how many and how much) and our ‘sponsorship aim’ (why). The target figure of  JPY100,000 a year was raised with the aim of lowering membership fees.

As one option, banners on the website was raised again and it was suggested we ask companies that might be attracted to a simple banner/link paying a flat fee per year (not decided and dependent on how many banners spaces we can make). The MC stressed we need to restart and re-energise the sponsorship issue for 2012.

Item 5: New Team Shirts and Cap

The MC welcomed Keiichi and his efforts in searching for locally produced shirts. We confirmed that the overseas options had been neither easy nor satisfying to follow up but thanked Chris and Dave for their attempts. The MC examined four options tabled by Keiichi and examined some shirt samples. We decided to go with the LongYong company as they provided the best in quality, range, cost and future order options. A shirt cost of 4,200 was set and the MC asked Keiichi and Anton to decide and post shirt design options to be voted on by the Sharks, on the website. We acknowledged that the price is significantly above what was stated at the AGM, but we decided the potential problems with distant manufacturers was great.

A cap was also shown and it was decided that, due to the shirt cost, a cap would be provided for all members from existing Shark finances. It was also decided that this cap would be the OFFICIAL ON-FIELD Sharks cap. i.e. if a player wanted to wear a cap on the field then it would be this or nothing, while players who prefer wide-brimmed or floppy hats could still use those. * Note – as of writing another cap option has been considered, but the above still applies.

Item 6: Chiba Cup

The MC thanked Taka for his very active setting up of the 2011 Chiba Cup. The Cup is set for September 23 – a Friday public holiday. A reserve day is 15 October (Sat.). Discussions are underway with Kei Imamura to provide a University Rep team, as he did in 2010. Local cricketing groups in Chiba are very willing to help out and again, we are encouraging local media coverage. It was suggested that in the future we might think about featuring junior teams in a game/clinic scenario, with the ‘Cup’ game in the afternoon.

Item 7: JCA Chiba

Dave described the growing interest and active participation in cricket in Chiba and that the Sharks were actively involved. There are now a number of junior clubs – Little Terns, Jinta CC, My-Ys, and Chris Thurgate’s Togane Monsters. It is hoped that all Sharks could consider helping out with scheduled events (two on June 26 and July 3). It was stressed that growing the sport could only help us and that we may already have a future Shark in the wings.

Meeting was adjourned at 14:00 so we could make it to training.

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